Chetwynd in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Chetwynd
John Chetwynd
Joseph Chetwynd
Thomas Chetwynd
Charles Chetwynd
Samuel Chetwynd
Arthur Chetwynd
Henry Chetwynd
George Chetwynd
Frank Chetwynd
Ernest Chetwynd
Richard Chetwynd
Walter Chetwynd
James Chetwynd
Herbert Chetwynd
Levi Chetwynd
W. Chetwynd
Eli Chetwynd
Shurley Chetwynd
Frederick Chetwynd
Albert Chetwynd
Fergus Chetwynd
Thos. Chetwynd
Daniel Chetwynd
Henery Chetwynd
Peter Chetwynd
Bertram Chetwynd
Percival Chetwynd
Amantus Chetwynd
Michael Chetwynd
Ferrand Chetwynd
Thos.H. Chetwynd
Jesse Chetwynd
Edward Chetwynd
J.Henry Chetwynd
David Chetwynd
Harry Chetwynd
Percy Chetwynd
Oda Chetwynd
Forester Chetwynd
Louis Chetwynd
Tom Chetwynd
Elijah Chetwynd
Jessie Chetwynd
Edwin Chetwynd
Sidney Chetwynd
Dick Chetwynd

Top female forenames

Mary Chetwynd
Sarah Chetwynd
Elizabeth Chetwynd
Eliza Chetwynd
Hannah Chetwynd
Emily Chetwynd
Ann Chetwynd
Harriet Chetwynd
Emma Chetwynd
Clara Chetwynd
Louisa Chetwynd
Agnes Chetwynd
Ellen Chetwynd
Jane Chetwynd
Catherine Chetwynd
Amelia Chetwynd
Matilda Chetwynd
Martha Chetwynd
Lucy Chetwynd
Rose Chetwynd
Alice Chetwynd
Julia Chetwynd
Ada Chetwynd
Florence Chetwynd
Lydia Chetwynd
Annie Chetwynd
Rosina Chetwynd
Lilian Chetwynd
Rebecca Chetwynd
Elisa Chetwynd
Katharine Chetwynd
Percilla Chetwynd
Edith Chetwynd
Jessie Chetwynd
Myra Chetwynd
Constance Chetwynd
Henrietta Chetwynd
Christiana Chetwynd
Caroline Chetwynd
Georgiana Chetwynd
M. Chetwynd
Arthur Chetwynd
Susan Chetwynd
Anne Chetwynd
Ruth Chetwynd
Lizzie Chetwynd
Amy Chetwynd
Katherine Chetwynd
Priscilla Chetwynd
Effie Chetwynd

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Miners Wife
Domestic Servant
Gentleman (None)
Hat Maker
Hat Trimmer
Dom Serv
Carder In A Cotton Mill
Reeler In A Cotton Mill
General Servant (Domestic)
Gen Serv Domestic
Fund Holder
General Servant (Domestic) (D)
Gardener Domestic
G Servant
Glass Dealer
Lieutenant 16th Lancers
Lican Vitular
J P For Sussex Adjt Of Volunteers
Iron Miner (Stone)
Iron Miner (SN)
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Hat Trimmer (Milliner)
Groom (8)
Fixture House Fitter
Fireman Steel Works
Certificated Schoolmaster Sub Postmaster
Boys First Class
Boot Maker
Assistant Teacher In Elementary School
Artist (P)
Apprentice To Hatter
China Decorator
Widow Of Grocer
Coal Higgler
Errand Boy
Engine Cleaner (OR)
Draughtsman & Stationer
Domestic Servt
Domestic Serv
Deputy At Coal Mine
Cotton Carder Unemployed
Coal Labor