Chisman in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Chisman
William Chisman
James Chisman
Thomas Chisman
Albert Chisman
Richard Chisman
George Chisman
Frank Chisman
Robert Chisman
Charles Chisman
Harry Chisman
Wm. Chisman
Walter Chisman
Robt. Chisman
Clifford Chisman
Arthur Chisman
Henry Chisman
Ambrose Chisman
Frederick Chisman
Ernest Chisman
Edward Chisman
Lyel Chisman
Cyress Chisman
Herbert Chisman
Arther Chisman
Alfred Chisman
Freeland Chisman
Fred. Chisman
Francis Chisman
Edwin Chisman
Edmund Chisman
Levi Chisman

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Chisman
Sarah Chisman
Mary Chisman
Maria Chisman
Ann Chisman
Eliza Chisman
Eleanor Chisman
Jane Chisman
Annie Chisman
Hannah Chisman
Frances Chisman
Ellen Chisman
Louisa Chisman
Olive Chisman
Anne Chisman
Emma Chisman
Harriet Chisman
Florence Chisman
Marion Chisman
Emily Chisman
Amelia Chisman
Margt. Chisman
Elizth. Chisman
Ada Chisman
Lucy Chisman
Lillian Chisman
Doreen Chisman
Susanna Chisman
Helen Chisman
Charlotte Chisman
Bessie Chisman
Rebecca Chisman
Amy Chisman
Alice Chisman
Margaret Chisman
Elenor Chisman
Leah Chisman
Dorothy Chisman
Infant Chisman
Daisy Chisman
Susan Chisman
Bithiah Chisman
Rhoda Chisman
Georgina Chisman

Top occupations

Dress Maker
Engine Fitter
Dividends Inst Of Money
Retired Farmer
No Occupation
Iron Founder And Smith (Employing 4 Men & 1 Boy)
Farmers Widow
Farmers Wife
Fireman (RLY)
Gen Servant
General Servant (Dom)
Labourer General
General Servant (Domestic)
Housekeeper (Dom)
Joiner In Shipyard (Builder)
Housemaid Domestic
Housewife No Occ
Iron Founder
Without Occupation
Farmer Of 720 Acres Emp 11 Men 5 Boys
Farmer Of 16 Acres Land
Coke Washer
Clerk To High Bailiff Wd.C.C. (O L)
Clerk Banker
Cleaning Offices
Clay Laborer
Civil Service Clerk Ld Dpt
Cabinet Maker
Brewers Carman
Cook Domestic
Farmer Of 1100 Acres Employing 25 Men & 4 Boys
Farm Servant (Indr)
Farm Servant
Engine Tenter Of Winding Engine
Domestic Servant Housemaid
Domestic Serv (Cook)