Chittock in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Chittock
Charles Chittock
George Chittock
John Chittock
Robert Chittock
Arthur Chittock
Samuel Chittock
James Chittock
Henry Chittock
Harry Chittock
Walter Chittock
Joseph Chittock
Thomas Chittock
Albert Chittock
Edward Chittock
Stephen Chittock
Frederick Chittock
Mark Chittock
Henery Chittock
Ar. Chittock
Gilbert Chittock
Geo. Chittock
Frank Chittock
Joshua Chittock
Ernest Chittock
Jos. Chittock
Earnest Chittock
Jabez Chittock
Benjamin Chittock
Willie Chittock
Alfred Chittock
Abner Chittock
Robt. Chittock
Francis Chittock
Ellis Chittock
Jonathan Chittock
Edgar Chittock
Herbert Chittock
Aubrey Chittock

Top female forenames

Mary Chittock
Elizabeth Chittock
Emma Chittock
Alice Chittock
Louisa Chittock
Eliza Chittock
Emily Chittock
Catherine Chittock
Hannah Chittock
Jane Chittock
Sarah Chittock
Margaret Chittock
Ellen Chittock
Matilda Chittock
Lydia Chittock
Charlotte Chittock
Rebecca Chittock
Miriam Chittock
Edith Chittock
Florence Chittock
Anna Chittock
Fanny Chittock
Mabel Chittock
Nancy Chittock
Susan Chittock
Harriett Chittock
Caroline Chittock
Annie Chittock
Ann Chittock
Ethel Chittock
Rachael Chittock
Amelia Chittock
M. Chittock
Nellie Chittock
Albertia Chittock
Lucy Chittock
Leah Chittock
May Chittock
Jessie Chittock
Susanna Chittock
Henryetter Chittock
Sophia Chittock
Rosetta Chittock
Betsey Chittock
Marian Chittock
Rhoda Chittock
Margrate Chittock
Rachel Chittock
Amy Chittock
Esther Chittock

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farm Laborer
Dress Maker
Agr Labr
Agricultural Laborer
Fitter In Foundry (X/1)
General Laborer
Shoe Maker
Labourer Tan Works
Boot Clicker
House Servant (Genl)
Farm Bailiff
Farm Labourer
Farm Servant
Farmer 650 Acres Employing 10 Men & 6 Boys
Horse Keeper
Groom Domestic Ser
Fitters Wife
Groom & Gardener (D)
Gardener In Charge Of Hall Family Being In London
General Domestic Servant
Farmer Of 250 Acres Employing 6 Men 2 Boys
General Servt
Clear Starcher
Engine Fitter
Agricultural Labourer
Agrl Laborer
Assist Housekeeper
Boot Machinist
Brewers Clk
Work At Silk Factory
Carver (Wood)
Clicker (Boot)
Copy Jet Worker
Copy Jot Worker
Deep Drainer Land Dge 7/2
Do Serv
Domestic (Cook)
Domestic Servt General
Engine Driver