Choules in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Choules
John Choules
Thomas Choules
George Choules
Charles Choules
Albert Choules
Henry Choules
Frank Choules
James Choules
Robert Choules
David Choules
Wm. Choules
Edward Choules
Joshua Choules
Herbert Choules
Walter Choules
Frederick Choules
Isaac Choules
Thompson Choules
Fredrick Choules
Sidney Choules
Percy Choules
Daniel Choules
Winter Choules
Harry Choules
Geo. Choules
Ernest Choules
Leonard Choules
Joseph Choules
Job Choules

Top female forenames

Mary Choules
Elizabeth Choules
Sarah Choules
Jane Choules
Ann Choules
Emily Choules
Ellen Choules
Eliza Choules
Edith Choules
Louisa Choules
Annie Choules
Martha Choules
Lousia Choules
Anne Choules
Amy Choules
Fanny Choules
Emilie Choules
Lucy Choules
Elenor Choules
Julia Choules
Clara Choules
Hannah Choules
Grace Choules
Maud Choules
Flora Choules
Amelia Choules
Esther Choules
Maria Choules
Agnes Choules
Lussie Choules
Kitty Choules
Susanna Choules
Bessie Choules
Gwenllian Choules
Nellie Choules
Gertrude Choules
Marria Choules
Alice Choules
Emma Choules
Margaret Choules

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farm Servant
Farmers Daughter
Wife Of Agr Lab
Lodging House Keeper
Agricul Lab
Grocer & Tea Merchant
Farmers Wife
Farmer 224 Acrs 5 Men 3 Boys
Illegitimate Son
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Errand Boy Scholar
Wine & Spirit Merchant
Engineer's Clerk
Fly Proprietor
Grey Calico Buyer
Groom N D
Governess (Private)
General Labourer
Gen Serv
Foreman In Timberyard
Fly Proprietor Wife
Engine Fitter At Works
Dressmaker No Occupation
Coal Agent
Butcher (Journeyman)
Blacksmith Striker
Bankers Clerk
Assistant Schoolmaster
Agricultural Labourer
Agricultural Laborer Under Carter
Agricultural Laborer Carter
Ag Labr
Coal Agents Wife
Cook & Housekeeper
Drapers Assist
Domestic Servant Nurse
Domestic Servant Housemaid
Dom Serv
Dealer & Farmer 40 Acrs Employ One Man & One Boy
Cutter & Tailors Foreman
Cord Winder