Christopherson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Christopherson
Thomas Christopherson
Joseph Christopherson
William Christopherson
James Christopherson
Brian Christopherson
Myles Christopherson
George Christopherson
Henry Christopherson
Arthur Christopherson
Derman Christopherson
Clifford Christopherson
Charles Christopherson
Harry Christopherson
August Christopherson
Edwd. Christopherson
Robert Christopherson
Harold Christopherson
Nils Christopherson
G. Christopherson
Wm. Christopherson
Edwin Christopherson
Malcolm Christopherson
Anthony Christopherson
Thos. Christopherson
Edward Christopherson
Sydney Christopherson
Dudley Christopherson
Jno. Christopherson
Ross Christopherson
Hy. Christopherson
Roger Christopherson
Horace Christopherson
Percy Christopherson
Oscar Christopherson
Carl Christopherson
Nelson Christopherson
Willm. Christopherson
Eric Christopherson
Miles Christopherson
Arch. Christopherson
Wilfrid Christopherson
Kenneth Christopherson
Alan Christopherson
Earnest Christopherson
Stanley Christopherson
Douglas Christopherson
Rondean Christopherson
Cornell Christopherson
Hugh Christopherson

Top female forenames

Mary Christopherson
Sarah Christopherson
Margaret Christopherson
Jane Christopherson
Ann Christopherson
Alice Christopherson
Elizabeth Christopherson
Martha Christopherson
Eva Christopherson
Catherine Christopherson
Annie Christopherson
Isabella Christopherson
Agnes Christopherson
Eleanor Christopherson
Emily Christopherson
Ada Christopherson
Dorothy Christopherson
Rose Christopherson
Caroline Christopherson
Florence Christopherson
Anne Christopherson
Maria Christopherson
Amelia Christopherson
Emma Christopherson
Elsie Christopherson
Louiza Christopherson
Clara Christopherson
Ida Christopherson
Olive Christopherson
Helen Christopherson
Miriam Christopherson
Betty Christopherson
Frances Christopherson
Flora Christopherson
Marion Christopherson
Esther Christopherson
Margt. Christopherson
Mabel Christopherson
Jessie Christopherson
Susan Christopherson
Charlotte Christopherson
Herietta Christopherson
Nancy Christopherson
Gertrude Christopherson
Meza Christopherson
Barbara Christopherson

Top occupations

Farmer's Son
Farmers Son
Farmer's Daughter
Farmers Wife
Farmer's Wife
Income From House Property
Farmers Nephew No Occupation
Farmers Daur
Farmers Daughter
Farm Serv Indoor
Farmer's Daur
M A Cambridge Headmaster Of Royal Grammar School N/C
Gardener (Dom Servt)
General Servant
Ironmongers Assistant
Ironmonger Plumber Emp 3 Men 1 Boy
Iron Weigher (Ore)
Iron Ore Miner
Iron Miner
Ins Agent (Munc) Collector Of Taxes & Estates
Master Joiner (Emply 3 Men & 3 Boys)
Governess School Mistress
Farmer Of 89 Acres
Clergymans Wife
Clergyman Without Cure
Circular Sawyer
Church Of England Clergyman
Chemist Wife
Chemist (Clerk)
Book Keeper (Other R)
Clerk (S.E.R.Coy.)
Clerk London Stock Exchange
Coach Builder Body Maker
Farmer of 84 Acres
Farmer Of 37 Acres Employing 2 Boys
Farmer Of 200 Acres
Farmer Of 108 Acres Land
Farmer Of 100 Acres
Farm Servant
Farm 84 Acres
Dress Maker