Chrystal in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Chrystal
James Chrystal
John Chrystal
David Chrystal
George Chrystal
Thomas Chrystal
Sam Chrystal
Robert Chrystal
Joseph Chrystal
Christofer Chrystal
Andrew Chrystal
Robt. Chrystal
Peter Chrystal
Harry Chrystal
Arthur Chrystal
Alfred Chrystal

Top female forenames

Margaret Chrystal
Mary Chrystal
Elizabeth Chrystal
Elisa Chrystal
Isabella Chrystal
Sarah Chrystal
Annie Chrystal
Ann Chrystal
Florence Chrystal
Emma Chrystal
Ellen Chrystal
Thomasth Chrystal
Patience Chrystal
Clara Chrystal
Anne Chrystal
M.J.W. Chrystal
Alice Chrystal
Frances Chrystal
Esther Chrystal
Emily Chrystal
Williamina Chrystal
Edith Chrystal
Maud Chrystal
Jessie Chrystal
Agnes Chrystal
Helen Chrystal

Top occupations

Farm Ser Indoor
Farmers Son
Insurance Broker
Insurance Actuary
Ironmongers Assistant
N K (No Ocp)
Attendant Inst Serv
Night Porter (Market)
Police Constable
Printer Compositor
Pupil Teacher
Ship Carpenter
Watch Maker
General Serv (Domestic)
General Auctioneer &c.
Auctioneers Clark
Boiler Maker
Bookseller (Wife)
Coal Agent (Dealer)
Commercial Clerk
Commercial Traveller
Domestic Servant Housekeeper
Farm Ser (Indoor)
Farmer Of 390 Acres
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Daur
Fish Salesman Assistant
Wife Of Farmer