Churches in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Churches
John Churches
William Churches
Albert Churches
George Churches
Edward Churches
Robert Churches
Frederick Churches
James Churches
Henry Churches
Samuel Churches
Leonard Churches
Walter Churches
Frederic Churches
Joseph Churches
Charles Churches
Stephen Churches
Gilbert Churches
Friendly Churches
Phillip Churches
Ernest Churches
Eder Churches
Cecil Churches
Valentine Churches
Jeremiah Churches
Alfred Churches
Thos. Churches
Herbert Churches
Adolphus Churches
Sylvester Churches
Harold Churches
Sidney Churches
Roley Churches
Fredk. Churches
Ralph Churches
Mark Churches
Vernon Churches
Jesse Churches
Arthur Churches
Undecided Churches

Top female forenames

Mary Churches
Ann Churches
Sarah Churches
Elizabeth Churches
Kate Churches
Jane Churches
Emily Churches
Alice Churches
Laura Churches
Frances Churches
Martha Churches
Lucy Churches
Hannah Churches
Florence Churches
Anne Churches
Louisa Churches
Amy Churches
Eliza Churches
Edith Churches
Ada Churches
Harriet Churches
Christiana Churches
Emma Churches
Elen Churches
Rosie Churches
Agnes Churches
Dianna Churches
Rebecca Churches
Christine Churches
Nelly Churches
Charlotte Churches
Mildred Churches
Francis Churches
Catherine Churches
Beatrice Churches
Margaret Churches
Esther Churches
Lilian Churches
Rhoda Churches
Jessie Churches
Clara Churches
Polly Churches
Millicent Churches
Gertrude Churches
Celia Churches
Matilda Churches
Bessie Churches
Fanny Churches
Annie Churches
Lillian Churches

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Wife
Tailors Cutter
Inn Keeper
Coal Miner
Cloth Weaver
Retired Farmer
Agricultural Laborer
Housemaid Domestic
Governess Dom Serv
General Servant
General Servant (Ag)
Industrial School Special Inmate Scholar
Infant Robe Mkr
Licensed Victualler
Labs Widow No Occupation Receiving Parish Relief
Labourer at Wood Factory (MCHT)
General Labourer
General Dealer
Formerly Laundress
Carpenters Wife
Color Sergeant
Dairy Maid (D)
Farm Laborer
Farm Labr
Farmer (Of 30 Acres)
Farmer 18 Acres
Farmer 180 Acres Employing 2 Boys & 1 Man
Farmer 240 A Employing 9 Lab & 2 Boys
Farmer 28 Acres 1 Man
Farmer 50 Acres
Farmer Of 30 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmer Of 80 Acres
Worker Of Machines In Builders Shop