Clapperton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Clapperton
John Clapperton
William Clapperton
Robert Clapperton
Thomas Clapperton
George Clapperton
Walter Clapperton
Edward Clapperton
Christopher Clapperton
Joseph Clapperton
Wm. Clapperton
Henry Clapperton
Frances Clapperton
Samuel Clapperton
D.James Clapperton
Menandez Clapperton
Austin Clapperton
Alexdr. Clapperton
Jefferson Clapperton
Alex. Clapperton
Isaac Clapperton
A.H. Clapperton
Harry Clapperton
Fred Clapperton
Stanley Clapperton
Robt Clapperton
Cyril Clapperton
Percy Clapperton
Charles Clapperton
Lawson Clapperton
Andrew Clapperton
Alexander Clapperton
Adam Clapperton

Top female forenames

Mary Clapperton
Isabella Clapperton
Ellen Clapperton
Jane Clapperton
Elizabeth Clapperton
Margaret Clapperton
Sarah Clapperton
Charlotte Clapperton
Agnes Clapperton
Eliza Clapperton
Martha Clapperton
Ann Clapperton
Jessie Clapperton
Janet Clapperton
Hannah Clapperton
Maria Clapperton
Lucy Clapperton
Louisa Clapperton
Elizth. Clapperton
Elinora Clapperton
Muriel Clapperton
Georgina Clapperton
Caroline Clapperton
Frances Clapperton
Mantha Clapperton
Florence Clapperton
Amelia Clapperton
Esther Clapperton
Julia Clapperton
Jean Clapperton
Susanna Clapperton
Eliz. Clapperton
Rebecca Clapperton
Ida Clapperton
Deborah Clapperton
H.A. Clapperton
Charity Clapperton
Marian Clapperton
Francis Clapperton
Annie Clapperton
Forence Clapperton
Amy Clapperton
Lydia Clapperton
Fanny Clapperton
Alice Clapperton
Emily Clapperton

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Painter Daur
Domestic Servant
Licensed Victualler
Machinist (Dressmaker)
Pension From India
Retired Merchants Dau
Housemaid Dom S
Income Derived From Interest Of Money
Inmate Of A H
House Keper
Grocers Assistant
Laborer (Bricklayer)
Painter Wife
Painter Son
Nurse Domestic Servant
Lodging House Keeper
Labours At Brickworks
Glass Cutter
General Smith
General Shopkeeper
Cook Domestic Serv
Comml Clerk
Brewers Clerk
Coal Carter
Coach Painter
Woolen Spinner (Manuf)
Bread & Biscuit Baker
Cotton Reeler
Dealer In Fancy Goods (Textile)
Draper Employing 1 Woman 1 Girl
General Servant Domestic
General Servant
Farm Lab Wife
Farm Lab
Fancy Stationer
Engine Drivers Wife
Drapers Porter Chelsea Pensioner