Clarson in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Clarson
William Clarson
Arthur Clarson
David Clarson
Alfred Clarson
Henry Clarson
Charles Clarson
James Clarson
Thomas Clarson
Samuel Clarson
Robert Clarson
George Clarson
Patrick Clarson
Abel Clarson
Infant Clarson
Francis Clarson
Tom Clarson
Amos Clarson
Albert Clarson
Michael Clarson
Herbert Clarson
Edward Clarson
Walter Clarson
Christpher Clarson
Royal Clarson

Top female forenames

Mary Clarson
Sarah Clarson
Eliza Clarson
Charlotte Clarson
Ann Clarson
Catherine Clarson
Annie Clarson
Elizabeth Clarson
Jane Clarson
Harriet Clarson
Alice Clarson
Ethel Clarson
Rosa Clarson
Emily Clarson
Melinda Clarson
Marion Clarson
Louise Clarson
Betty Clarson
Jesse Clarson
Isobelah Clarson
Anna Clarson
Harriett Clarson
Amelia Clarson
Francis Clarson
Emma Clarson
Nora Clarson
Maria Clarson
Caroline Clarson
Lilly Clarson
Barbara Clarson
Anne Clarson
Isaaclar Clarson

Top occupations

Worsted Weaver (Hosy Mf)
Frame W Knitter
Coal Miner
Silk Weaver Out Of Employment
Newspaper Proprietor & Printer
Packing Case Maker
Teacher Of Public Elem School
Printer Compositor
Provision M Porter
Surveyor And Inspector To Tamworth Rural Sanitry Authority
Surveyor & Builder
Sorter G P O
Mill Hand (HM)
Mechanics Labourer (Out Of Empmt)
Alderman J P Draper
Brick Layer
Bricklayers Labourer
Builder Employing 70 Men
Clerk (Gen)
Day Lab
Dress Maker
Grocers Asst (Unemployed)
Hardware Merchant
House Maid Domestic Serv
Household Duties
Ireland Revenue Officer