Claxon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Claxon
George Claxon
William Claxon
Sim Claxon
Frank Claxon
Charles Claxon
Willie Claxon
Thomas Claxon
John Claxon
Horace Claxon
Frederick Claxon
Francis Claxon
Algernon Claxon

Top female forenames

Sarah Claxon
Eliza Claxon
Ethel Claxon
Ellen Claxon
Amelia Claxon
Elizabeth Claxon
Ada Claxon
Nelly Claxon
Kate Claxon
Constance Claxon
Rachel Claxon
Louisa Claxon
Georgiana Claxon
Emma Claxon
Edith Claxon
Caroline Claxon
Susan Claxon
Rose Claxon

Top occupations

Haybinders Wife
Domestic Servant
Huntsman To Foxhounds Wife
Huntsman To Foxhounds
Hay Binders Lab.
Hay & Straw Binder (Ag. Lab.)
Hatter & C
Clothiers Shopman
Carpenters Wife
Baker & Confectioner
Ag Lab Haybinder