Claypole in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Claypole
William Claypole
Thomas Claypole
Henry Claypole
George Claypole
Joseph Claypole
Alfred Claypole
James Claypole
Charles Claypole
Samuel Claypole
Arthur Claypole
Edward Claypole
Walter Claypole
Edwin Claypole
Frank Claypole
Oliver Claypole
Dawson Claypole
Conn Claypole
Jno. Claypole
Albert Claypole
Isaac Claypole
Abraham Claypole
Harry Claypole
Frederick Claypole
Richard Claypole
Earnest Claypole
Josiah Claypole
David Claypole
Jessie Claypole
Ishmeal Claypole
Abram Claypole
Wm.A. Claypole
Wenham Claypole
Thos. Claypole

Top female forenames

Mary Claypole
Sarah Claypole
Elizabeth Claypole
Hannah Claypole
Ann Claypole
Emily Claypole
Alice Claypole
Emma Claypole
Annie Claypole
Jane Claypole
Martha Claypole
Eliza Claypole
Henrietta Claypole
Charlotte Claypole
Grace Claypole
Marion Claypole
Ada Claypole
Ellen Claypole
Minnie Claypole
Fanny Claypole
Sophia Claypole
Carrie Claypole
Phoebe Claypole
Bertha Claypole
Matilda Claypole
Flora Claypole
Amelia Claypole
Mabel Claypole
Susan Claypole
Lizzie Claypole
Selina Claypole
Kathleen Claypole
E.A. Claypole
Rose Claypole
Jesse Claypole
Pricilla Claypole
Henty Claypole
Caroline Claypole
Florence Claypole
Amy Claypole
Marrianna Claypole
Maria Claypole
Susanna Claypole
Louisa Claypole
Lilly Claypole
Elisabeth Claypole
Kate Claypole
Clara Claypole
Rebecca Claypole

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Stay Maker
Shoe Pressman
Musical Instmt Dealer
Engine Driver
Ag Labr
Ag. Laborer
Ag. Laborer Wife
Domestic Serv General
Domes Serv
Ag Laborer
Dom Servt
Wool Comber (Cloth Mf)
Domestic Servant
Engineer Smith Wagon Wks (Builder)
General Serv (Domestic)
General Labourer
General Domestic
Gardener (Dom)
Formerly Farmers Wife
Fitter Shoe
Fish Dealer
Factory Girl
Agr Labourer Wife
Ag Labs Wife
Boot Manufacturer & Army Contractor Employing 51 Men 4 Boys & 14 Girls
Agricultural Implement Fitter
Agricultural Labourer
Agr Labourer Son
Agr Labourer
Bank Manager
Boot Manufacturers Wife
Brick Maker
Brickyard Engine Driver Fitter
Card Room Tenter
Cart Driver
Cart Drivers Wife
Chelsea Pensioner
Chevener Of Stockings