Cleasby in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cleasby
Thomas Cleasby
William Cleasby
James Cleasby
Robert Cleasby
Joseph Cleasby
Henry Cleasby
Edward Cleasby
George Cleasby
Wm. Cleasby
David Cleasby
Richard Cleasby
Arthur Cleasby
Anthony Cleasby
Thos. Cleasby
Charles Cleasby
Walter Cleasby
Herbert Cleasby
Frederick Cleasby
Frank Cleasby
Tyrus Cleasby
Cooper Cleasby
Alfred Cleasby
Albert Cleasby
Fred Cleasby
Mark Cleasby
Edwin Cleasby
Josh. Cleasby
Tom Cleasby
Jos. Cleasby
Chas. Cleasby
Benjamin Cleasby
J. Cleasby
Peurette Cleasby
Alf. Cleasby
Myles Cleasby
Miles Cleasby
Kaye Cleasby
Johnson Cleasby
Sidney Cleasby
Beaumont Cleasby
Richd. Cleasby
Herman Cleasby
Art. Cleasby
Ralph Cleasby
Penrith Cleasby
Frk. Cleasby
Milton Cleasby

Top female forenames

Mary Cleasby
Ann Cleasby
Hannah Cleasby
Sarah Cleasby
Jane Cleasby
Elizabeth Cleasby
Margaret Cleasby
Eliza Cleasby
Alice Cleasby
Florence Cleasby
Eleanor Cleasby
Ada Cleasby
Catherine Cleasby
Isabella Cleasby
Lucy Cleasby
Emily Cleasby
Ellen Cleasby
Dorothy Cleasby
Agnes Cleasby
Maria Cleasby
M. Cleasby
Emma Cleasby
Edith Cleasby
Grace Cleasby
Everline Cleasby
Mabel Cleasby
Esther Cleasby
Betsy Cleasby
Tryphena Cleasby
Bathsheba Cleasby
Leah Cleasby
Selina Cleasby
Annas Cleasby
Jessie Cleasby
Ruth Cleasby
Nancy Cleasby
Amelia Cleasby
Maud Cleasby
Frances Cleasby
Deborah Cleasby
Fannie Cleasby
Cecilia Cleasby
Ethel Cleasby
Betty Cleasby
Bertha Cleasby
Lessie Cleasby
Ellena Cleasby
Susan Cleasby
Anne Cleasby
Kate Cleasby

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farmers Wife
Woollen Weaver
Master Book Edge Gilder (B Binder)
Coal Miners Wife
Domestic Servant
Woollen Spinner
Tin Plate Worker
Market Porter
Landed Proprietor No Occupation
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Ag Lab
Green Grocer
Farmers Son
General Labourer
Retired Farmer
Farms 229 Ac Employs 4 Lab 1 Boy
Farmer Of 10 1/2 Acres
Farmer Of 110 Acres
Farmer Of 205 Acres
Farmer Of 245 Acres
Farmers Widow
Farmer Of 435 Acres Employing 6 Labourers & 1 Shepherd
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 64 Acres
Dairy Maid
Yeoman & Farmer Of 110 Acres Employing 1 Labourer 1 Boy & 2 Women
Buyer Shipping Hse Son
Buyer Shipping Hse Wife
Dom Groom
Domestic Servant (Not Employed)
Drapers Porter
Earthen Ware & China Dealer
Engine Driver At Iron Mine
Engine Driver At Iron Mines
Engine Fitter
Farm Laborer
Farm Serv (Indoor)