Cleaton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cleaton
William Cleaton
Edward Cleaton
Thomas Cleaton
James Cleaton
George Cleaton
Henry Cleaton
Richard Cleaton
Charles Cleaton
Edmund Cleaton
David Cleaton
Joseph Cleaton
Arthur Cleaton
Alfred Cleaton
Harry Cleaton
Walter Cleaton
Albert Cleaton
Samuel Cleaton
Willie Cleaton
Jno. Cleaton
Will Cleaton
Israel Cleaton
Thos.Art. Cleaton
Aaron Cleaton
Ruben Cleaton
Fredk. Cleaton
Robert Cleaton
Richd. Cleaton
Earnest Cleaton
Lewis Cleaton
Chas. Cleaton
Willm.H. Cleaton
Benjamin Cleaton
Andrew Cleaton
Thos. Cleaton
Harold Cleaton
Geo. Cleaton
Robt. Cleaton
Frank Cleaton
Rictchard Cleaton

Top female forenames

Mary Cleaton
Elizabeth Cleaton
Sarah Cleaton
Emma Cleaton
Margaret Cleaton
Ann Cleaton
Annie Cleaton
Eliza Cleaton
Catherine Cleaton
Margt. Cleaton
Alice Cleaton
Emily Cleaton
Jane Cleaton
Anne Cleaton
Harriett Cleaton
Hannah Cleaton
Martha Cleaton
Betsey Cleaton
Nellie Cleaton
Harriet Cleaton
Fanny Cleaton
Marian Cleaton
Agnes Cleaton
Ellen Cleaton
A. Cleaton
Maggie Cleaton
Louisa Cleaton
Eleanor Cleaton
Susan Cleaton
Kate Cleaton
Charlotte Cleaton
Honor Cleaton
Rachel Cleaton
Melia Cleaton
Anna Cleaton
Esther Cleaton
Maria Cleaton
Ada Cleaton
M. Cleaton
Elin Cleaton
Susannah Cleaton
Lavid Cleaton
Dinah Cleaton
Saria Cleaton
Cathrine Cleaton
Rose Cleaton
Hellen Cleaton

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
Iron Forge Worker
Farmers Daur
Gen Lab
Coal Trimmer
No Occupation
General Servant (Dom)
Labourers Wife
Worsted Frame Tenter (Wors Mr)
General Produce Broker
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 400 Acres Employing 6 Lab
General Serv (Dom) ((Ag Lab))
General Servant
General Agr Labourer
Flower Maker
Forge Iron Puddler
General Labourer
Formerly A Domestic Servant
Gardener Nd
General Laborer
Gardeners Servant (Not Dom)
Farmers Wife
Cook Domestic (P)
Domestic Duties
Coal Haulier
Cart Driver (Carter)
Carpenter & Joiner
Boot Makers Wife
Boot Maker
Bar Maid
Coal Labr
Commercial Traveller
Dom Serv
Cow Boy (Ag Lab)
Cotton Spinner
Cook Domestic Ser
Bedstead Lacquerer
Cook Domestic
Cook Domesc
Cook Dom