Cleator in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cleator
William Cleator
Thomas Cleator
Robert Cleator
Daniel Cleator
James Cleator
Charles Cleator
Edward Cleator
Walter Cleator
Alfred Cleator
Thos. Cleator
Frederick Cleator
Hugh Cleator
Seahert Cleator
Andrew Cleator
Mark Cleator
Albert Cleator
Josiah Cleator
Adam Cleator
Ira Cleator
Henry Cleator
Samuel Cleator
Asa Cleator
Philip Cleator
Margt.J. Cleator
Ahmed Cleator
Joseph Cleator
Wm.Scott Cleator
Wilfred Cleator
George Cleator

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Cleator
Mary Cleator
Ann Cleator
Jane Cleator
Emily Cleator
Margaret Cleator
Margret Cleator
Sarah Cleator
Esther Cleator
Catherine Cleator
Ellen Cleator
Martha Cleator
Eleanor Cleator
Christian Cleator
Annie Cleator
Rebecca Cleator
Jessie Cleator
Eliza Cleator
Alice Cleator
Christina Cleator
Julia Cleator
Betsy Cleator
Minnie Cleator
Janie Cleator
Agnes Cleator
James Cleator
Elin Cleator
Margt. Cleator
Ada Cleator
Infant Cleator
Francis Cleator
Clarice Cleator
Florence Cleator
Lizzie Cleator
Susan Cleator
Cathrine Cleator
Kate Cleator
Emma Cleator
Ruth Cleator
Bridget Cleator
Judith Cleator
Ellinor Cleator
Nessey Cleator
Jannie Cleator
Elinor Cleator
Maria Cleator
Adelaide Cleator
Isabella Cleator
Elenor Cleator
Margrett Cleator

Top occupations

Lead Miner
Iron Ore Miner
Domestic Servant
Shop Keeper
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Labourer
Lead Washer
General Serv (Domestic)
Employed at Home (Ag Lab)
General Servant
House Keeper
General (Servt)
Formerly Ag Lab
Yarn Bleacher
Farm Servant
Farming 24 Acres
Farm Servt (Indoor)
Farmer of 10 Acres
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 150 Ac 1 Man 1 Boy
Farmer's Daur
Farmer of 60 Acres
Farmer of 4 Acres
Farmer of 16 Acres
Farmer of 160 Acres Employing 3 Laborers
Carpenter (Unempd)
Ag Lab
Ag Lab (unemployed)
Ag Lab Retired
Apprentice Milliner
Apprentice Shipcarpenter
Assistant Store Keeper Jnr Eng
Bakers Assistant
Boot & Shoe Dealer Methodist Local Preacher
Butcher's Wife
Coal Miner
Commercial Clerk
Cook Dom
Corn Dealer
Dom Housemaid