Cleeves in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Henry Cleeves
John Cleeves
James Cleeves
William Cleeves
Edward Cleeves
Charles Cleeves
Thomas Cleeves
Alfred Cleeves
Jehn Cleeves
Frederick Cleeves
Elijah Cleeves
Wilfred Cleeves
Vincent Cleeves
Daniel Cleeves
Robt. Cleeves
Montague Cleeves
Albert Cleeves
George Cleeves
Frank Cleeves
Edwin Cleeves
Walter Cleeves
Edmund Cleeves
Dan. Cleeves
Robert Cleeves
Laurence Cleeves

Top female forenames

Sarah Cleeves
Elizabeth Cleeves
Mary Cleeves
Jane Cleeves
Margaret Cleeves
Joyce Cleeves
Hester Cleeves
Esther Cleeves
Edith Cleeves
Ada Cleeves
Matilda Cleeves
Martha Cleeves
Kate Cleeves
Henrietta Cleeves
Emily Cleeves
Eliza Cleeves
Amelia Cleeves
Roseane Cleeves

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Agricultural Laborer
(C) Miner
Labourer (Genl)
Nurse Domestic Serv
Retired Trimming Manur
Shepherd Under
Tailor Clothiers Assistant
General Serv Dom
Blower In Cotton Mill
Church Verger
Colliery Platelayer
Commercial Manager Of Colliery (Mine Service)
Cook & Confectioner
Engine Fitter
Gen Lab
General Labourer