Cleghorn in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Cleghorn
John Cleghorn
William Cleghorn
Thomas Cleghorn
George Cleghorn
Robert Cleghorn
David Cleghorn
Arthur Cleghorn
Alexander Cleghorn
Joseph Cleghorn
Charles Cleghorn
Henry Cleghorn
Thos. Cleghorn
Adam Cleghorn
Ralph Cleghorn
Walter Cleghorn
Edmund Cleghorn
Robt. Cleghorn
Rinnian Cleghorn
Simeon Cleghorn
Frederick Cleghorn
Francis Cleghorn
Matthew Cleghorn
Ann Cleghorn
Fredk. Cleghorn
Albert Cleghorn
Frank Cleghorn
Edwd. Cleghorn
Peter Cleghorn
Lawrence Cleghorn
Wm. Cleghorn
Earnest Cleghorn
Tom Cleghorn
Archibald Cleghorn
Harrold Cleghorn
Thomas.A. Cleghorn
Alfred Cleghorn
Geo.M. Cleghorn
Alex. Cleghorn
Edward Cleghorn
Edgar Cleghorn
Willm. Cleghorn
Jas. Cleghorn

Top female forenames

Mary Cleghorn
Jane Cleghorn
Elizabeth Cleghorn
Sarah Cleghorn
Margaret Cleghorn
Isabella Cleghorn
Agnes Cleghorn
Eliza Cleghorn
Alice Cleghorn
Ann Cleghorn
Helen Cleghorn
Maria Cleghorn
Susan Cleghorn
Janet Cleghorn
Isabel Cleghorn
Kate Cleghorn
Ada Cleghorn
Annie Cleghorn
Louisa Cleghorn
Eleanor Cleghorn
Hannah Cleghorn
Maud Cleghorn
June Cleghorn
Christiana Cleghorn
Ethel Cleghorn
Rebecca Cleghorn
Laura Cleghorn
Grace Cleghorn
Jessie Cleghorn
Christina Cleghorn
Florence Cleghorn
Margt. Cleghorn
Rosina Cleghorn
Ellen Cleghorn
Isa Cleghorn
Norah Cleghorn
Amelia Cleghorn
Lizey Cleghorn
Minnie Cleghorn
Lanit Cleghorn
Admaria Cleghorn
Dorothy Cleghorn
Georgina Cleghorn
Martha Cleghorn
Joan Cleghorn
Clara Cleghorn
Gargina Cleghorn
Jemima Cleghorn
Evelene Cleghorn
Margt.E. Cleghorn

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Saddle Stitcher
Ag Lab
Commission Agent
Mercantile Clerk
Gardener (Dom)
Enameller Daur
Farm Labourer (Ag Lab)
Sewing Machinist
Driver Royal Horse Artillery
Artist In Oil Colour
Domestic Work At Home
Commercial Traveller
Domestic Servant Cook
Comml Clerk [Shipping General]
Cook & Domestic (Serv)
Cook (Dom)
Cook And Housekeeper
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv
Dom Serv Charwoman
Die Sinker
Yarn Agent (Cotton)
Attendant At Asylum
Black Smith
Artificial Florest (11/3)
Blacksmiths Wife
Boarding House Keeper
Boot Manufacturer (Retired)
Brown Saddle Stitcher
Brush Manufacturer
Cab Driver
Cab Proprietor Porter
Cape Merchant
Certificated Schoolmaster
Certificated Teacher
Chelsea Pensioner