Clelland in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Clelland
John Clelland
James Clelland
Robert Clelland
Joseph Clelland
George Clelland
Arthur Clelland
Hugh Clelland
Thomas Clelland
Fred Clelland
Moses Clelland
Alfred Clelland
Lenord Clelland
Hillyar Clelland
Hamilton Clelland
Thos.S. Clelland
Frederick Clelland
Samuel Clelland
David Clelland
Richard Clelland
Andrew Clelland
Matthew Clelland
Jas. Clelland
Herbert Clelland
Walter Clelland

Top female forenames

Mary Clelland
Jane Clelland
Ann Clelland
Elizabeth Clelland
Margaret Clelland
Sarah Clelland
Clara Clelland
Bridget Clelland
Amy Clelland
Helen Clelland
Agnes Clelland
Evyline Clelland
Emily Clelland
Elizth.F. Clelland
Theresa Clelland
Elisabeth Clelland
Edith Clelland
Catherine Clelland
Maggie Clelland
Isabella Clelland
Amelia Clelland
Georgina Clelland
Emma Clelland
Ellen Clelland
Susan Clelland
Edwin Clelland
Rachel Clelland

Top occupations

Solicitors Clerk
Black Smith
Cotton Reeler
Coal Miner
Separater (Lead)
Publican & Joiner
Presbyterian Minister Of St Columbo Church
Presby Minister
Oilman In Woollen Factory (Manuf)
Message Boy
Woollen Machine Worker (Cloth M)
Wheel Wrights Wife
Wheel Wright
Vocalist Mscn (Professional)
Travelling Draper
Travel Draper Huckster
Temperance Hotel Keeper (Boarding)
Steam Engineer
Shoe Merchant Emp 4 Men 1 Boy 1 Girl
Ship Plater (B)
Medical Assistant
Letter Carrier
Law Writer
Cotton Spinner
Coppersmith Empl 2 Boys
Coach Builder (Mkr)
Clerk In Coal Office
Cheml Labr
Car Propritor
Book Binder Finisher
Black Smith Wife
Cotton Spinners Traveller
Drapers Porter
Landed Proprietor
Invoice Clerk
House Joiner
Genl Labourer
General Servant
General Clerk
Gen Lab