Clemo in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Clemo
John Clemo
Joseph Clemo
Richard Clemo
Charles Clemo
Thomas Clemo
George Clemo
Frederick Clemo
James Clemo
Andrew Clemo
Samuel Clemo
Ernest Clemo
Arthur Clemo
Fredrick Clemo
Francis Clemo
Walter Clemo
Fredk. Clemo
Edward Clemo
Nicholas Clemo
Edgar Clemo
Wm.J. Clemo
David Clemo
Will. Clemo
Joel Clemo
W.H. Clemo
Henry Clemo
Alfred Clemo
Abraham Clemo
Simon Clemo
Robert Clemo
Elias Clemo
Rd.H. Clemo
Edmund Clemo
Josiah Clemo
Earnest Clemo
Thos. Clemo
Albert Clemo
Stanley Clemo
Simeon Clemo
Frank Clemo
Saml.N. Clemo

Top female forenames

Mary Clemo
Elizabeth Clemo
Jane Clemo
Annie Clemo
Emily Clemo
Catherine Clemo
Ellen Clemo
Ann Clemo
Martha Clemo
Bessie Clemo
Ada Clemo
Caroline Clemo
Fanny Clemo
Anne Clemo
Elizth. Clemo
Margaret Clemo
Hannah Clemo
Louisa Clemo
Elizabett Clemo
Susan Clemo
Edith Clemo
Sarah Clemo
Emma Clemo
Amelia Clemo
Kate Clemo
Maud Clemo
Julia Clemo
Claressa Clemo
Mabal Clemo
S.A.Clemo Clemo
Georgina Clemo
Rachael Clemo
Lillie Clemo
Eva Clemo
Priscilla Clemo
Lavinia Clemo
Minnie Clemo
Kitty Clemo
Elizth.G. Clemo
Mildred Clemo
Alma Clemo
Julie Clemo
Jessie Clemo
Eliza Clemo
Maria Clemo
Malinda Clemo
Harriet Clemo
Clara Clemo
Lovedy Clemo
Grace Clemo

Top occupations

Tin Miner
Tin Dresser
Copper Miner
Wife Of Pitman
Errand Boy
Domestic Servant
Dress Maker
Copper Mine Agent
Bus Proprietor
Formerly Mine Labr
Formerly Laundress
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Working Matchmaker
Farm Laborer Daur
Farmer Of 3 Acres
Eng Fitters Mate
Farmer (Of 60 Acres Employing 1 Lab)
Farm Laborer
Farm Laborer Son
Carrier-(Bus Proprietor)
((Tin Miners Wife))
((Widow of Miner))
Assistant (Inn St)
Assistant Warder
Boiler Maker
Boiler Maker Wife
China Clay Labourer
Clay Laborer
Clay Laborer Wife
Clay Laborers Son
Clay Labourer
Coachman (Dom)
Coachman (ND)
Cook (Domestic