Clemson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Clemson
John Clemson
James Clemson
Thomas Clemson
George Clemson
Charles Clemson
Joseph Clemson
Edward Clemson
Henry Clemson
Richard Clemson
Samuel Clemson
Benjamin Clemson
Albert Clemson
Robert Clemson
Frederick Clemson
Frank Clemson
Alfred Clemson
Walter Clemson
Harry Clemson
Julius Clemson
Francis Clemson
Jonah Clemson
David Clemson
Benjn. Clemson
Andrew Clemson
Daniel Clemson
Fredk.W. Clemson
Arth. Clemson
Major Clemson
Fred Clemson
Allen Clemson
Wm. Clemson
F.J. Clemson
W. Clemson
Sidney Clemson
Isaac Clemson
Chas.Wm. Clemson
Richards Clemson
Arthur Clemson
Peter Clemson
Leonard Clemson
Frances Clemson
Willie Clemson
Johnson Clemson
Ellen Clemson
Jas.Wm. Clemson
Edmund Clemson
Jacob Clemson
Herbert Clemson
Richd. Clemson

Top female forenames

Sarah Clemson
Mary Clemson
Elizabeth Clemson
Ann Clemson
Eliza Clemson
Emma Clemson
Annie Clemson
Emily Clemson
Kate Clemson
Hannah Clemson
Amy Clemson
Alice Clemson
Florence Clemson
Jane Clemson
Julia Clemson
Catherine Clemson
Rachel Clemson
Ellen Clemson
Amelia Clemson
Maria Clemson
Margaret Clemson
Louisa Clemson
Sophia Clemson
Ada Clemson
Edith Clemson
Marion Clemson
Harriet Clemson
Rosina Clemson
Clara Clemson
Lucy Clemson
Rosa Clemson
Maude Clemson
Agnes Clemson
Martha Clemson
Caroline Clemson
Fanny Clemson
Anne Clemson
Leah Clemson
Elzth. Clemson
Pearl Clemson
Thurza Clemson
Elizth. Clemson
Minnie Clemson
Isabella Clemson
Helena Clemson
Salina Clemson
Margeret Clemson
Grace Clemson
Rosamond Clemson
Blanch Clemson

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
General Servant
Errand Boy
Ironstone Miner
Weaver Cotton Mill
Domestic Serv
Iron Puddler
Smith Holloware W (Iron)
Servant Dom
Employed In Saw Mill
General Clerk
Agricultural Laborer
Engine Driver
Wife Of Sawyer
Dom Serv
Domestic Servant
Engine Cleaner(Fac Lab)
Dress Maker
Dyer (Master Employing 308 Men & Boys)
Edge Tool Maker
Bricklayers Lab
Ag. Lab. Wife
Agent For Cotton Bags
Biscuit Factory Laborer
Blacksmith Employing 1 Man
Boiler Maker
Boot & Shoe Manufacturer Employs 180 Hands
Brush Maker
Button Worker
C Miner
Char Woman
Clerk And Printer
Clerk In Boot Manufactory
Co M. Wife