Cleverley in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cleverley
John Cleverley
George Cleverley
James Cleverley
Thomas Cleverley
Henry Cleverley
Arthur Cleverley
Edward Cleverley
Frederick Cleverley
Charles Cleverley
Samuel Cleverley
Frank Cleverley
David Cleverley
Clare Cleverley
Thos. Cleverley
Albert Cleverley
Robert Cleverley
Isaac Cleverley
Harry Cleverley
Wm. Cleverley
Jonathan Cleverley
Daniel Cleverley
Jessee Cleverley
Tom Cleverley
Jacob Cleverley
Infant Cleverley
Alfred Cleverley
Sidney Cleverley
Gorge Cleverley
Noah Cleverley
Mark Cleverley
Francis Cleverley
Wm.J. Cleverley
Joseph Cleverley
Willm.J. Cleverley
Corneluis Cleverley
Wilfred Cleverley
Timothy Cleverley
Andrew Cleverley
Horrice Cleverley
Alfd.Harding Cleverley
Philip Cleverley
Nathaniel Cleverley
Lorenzo Cleverley

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Cleverley
Mary Cleverley
Sarah Cleverley
Ann Cleverley
Jane Cleverley
Annie Cleverley
Emily Cleverley
Hannah Cleverley
Eliza Cleverley
Ellen Cleverley
Amelia Cleverley
Florence Cleverley
Amy Cleverley
Harriet Cleverley
Alice Cleverley
Maria Cleverley
Ruth Cleverley
Charlotte Cleverley
Fanny Cleverley
Julia Cleverley
Martha Cleverley
Selina Cleverley
Marie Cleverley
Agnes Cleverley
Druscilla Cleverley
Ada Cleverley
Gertrude Cleverley
Caroline Cleverley
Eva Cleverley
Matilda Cleverley
Lucy Cleverley
Catherine Cleverley
Minnie Cleverley
Lillian Cleverley
Matild Cleverley
Isabel Cleverley
Susannah Cleverley
Hester Cleverley
Eleanor Cleverley
Salley Cleverley
Margeret Cleverley
Hanna Cleverley
Rhoda Cleverley
Christiana Cleverley
Madelon Cleverley
Rachel Cleverley
Cecilia Cleverley
Louise Cleverley
Miriam Cleverley
Lily Cleverley

Top occupations

Ag Labourer
General Servant
Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Carpenter & Joiner
Farm Labourer
Excavator Navvy
Cook Dom Serv
Stone Mason
Labourer (Farm)
Rag Sorter
General Serv
Housemaid (Domestic)
House Decorator
Labourer (Unemployed)
Gen Lb
Boot Maker
Housemaid (Dom)
Factory Laborer
Gen Labourer
Farmer Of 300 Acres Employing 3 Men
Farmers Son
Worsted Winder
Gas Stoker
Formerly A General Lab ((Pauper))
Formerly Laundress
Gardener Servant (D)
Carters Lad
Baker & Flour Dealer
Boy 1 Cl
Boy 2 Class
Brewers Servant
Carriage Builders Laborer
Carter To Canal Boat
Agr Lab
Chief Gunner
Chief Gunner R A
Coal Porter
Cook Domestic Serv