Clewley in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Clewley
Thomas Clewley
George Clewley
William Clewley
Charles Clewley
Joseph Clewley
Alfred Clewley
Henry Clewley
James Clewley
Robert Clewley
Edward Clewley
Arthur Clewley
Frederick Clewley
Isaac Clewley
Walter Clewley
Daniel Clewley
Samuel Clewley
Horrace Clewley
Wm. Clewley
Harry Clewley
Emma Clewley
Patrick Clewley
Jesse Clewley
Hamer Clewley
Thos. Clewley
Emanuel Clewley
Philip Clewley
David Clewley
Chas. Clewley
Jno. Clewley
Beatrice Clewley
Andrew Clewley

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Clewley
Mary Clewley
Sarah Clewley
Ann Clewley
Hannah Clewley
Maria Clewley
Alice Clewley
Emily Clewley
Emma Clewley
Louisa Clewley
Annie Clewley
Lucy Clewley
Amelia Clewley
Ellen Clewley
Eliza Clewley
Martha Clewley
Jane Clewley
Rebecca Clewley
Clara Clewley
Fanny Clewley
Frances Clewley
Katherine Clewley
Jessie Clewley
Eleanor Clewley
Octavia Clewley
Jamina Clewley
Nancy Clewley
Harriett Clewley
Charlotte Clewley
Caroline Clewley
Florence Clewley
Lousia Clewley
Susannah Clewley
Ada Clewley
Leander Clewley
Rosa Clewley
Kate Clewley
Pricilla Clewley
Edith Clewley
Nona Clewley
Isabella Clewley
Clair Clewley
Minnie Clewley
Harriet Clewley
Catherine Clewley
Bridget Clewley
Margaret Clewley
Florance Clewley
Lucey Clewley
Esther Clewley

Top occupations

Coal Miner
General Labourer
Domestic Servant
Lock Smith
Drapers Assistant
School Mistress
Engine Fitter
Miner Coal
Farm Laborer Unable To Work
Coal Labourer
Farm Bailiff
Game Keeper
Game Keeper Wife
Gardener Wife
General Domestic
K Maid Domestic Servant
Inn Keeper
Housekeeper Off
Home Assist (Dom)
Hide & Skin Assorter
General Serv
General Laborer
Fish Hawker
Wife Of Engine Fitter
Blast Furnaceman Iron
Brass Tube Maker
Chair Caner
Chair Maker (Cabt)
Bricklyr Journeyman
Collector to Publishers
College Laborer
Commercial Clerk
Domestic Serv
Engine Fitters Wife
Fancy Draper Employing 1 Female Assist
Colliery Lab