Clint in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Clint
John Clint
Thomas Clint
James Clint
George Clint
Robert Clint
Edward Clint
Walter Clint
Francis Clint
Charles Clint
Arthur Clint
Joseph Clint
Ralph Clint
Callcott Clint
Mathew Clint
Alfred Clint
Lawrence Clint
Wm.E. Clint
Henry Clint
Frederick Clint
Samuel Clint
Richard Clint
Matthew Clint
Leonidas Clint
Albert Clint
Wm. Clint
Wiley Clint
Frank Clint
Ernest Clint
Edmund Clint

Top female forenames

Mary Clint
Elizabeth Clint
Sarah Clint
Alice Clint
Margaret Clint
Jane Clint
Annie Clint
Ethel Clint
Hannah Clint
Fanny Clint
Ann Clint
Catherine Clint
Emily Clint
Elizebath Clint
Eliza Clint
Agnes Clint
Harriet Clint
Gertrude Clint
Anna Clint
Susannah Clint
S. Clint
Nancy Clint
Marion Clint
Margret Clint
E. Clint
Lousia Clint
Charlotte Clint
Isabella Clint
Barbara Clint
Anne Clint
Emma Clint
Prescilla Clint
Ellen Clint
Maria Clint
Edith Clint
Clara Clint

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Farm Servant
Commercial Clerk Insurance
Iron Worker
Bookkeeper Comcl
Hind Farm Bailey Wife
Income From Dividends
Hind Farm Bailey
Insurance Agent
Groom (H M)
Grocers Shopman
Grocers Shopboy
Iron Works Lab
No Occupation
Mixer White Gls Wks (Glass Mfr)
Lodging House Keeper
Lithographic Printer
Lead Miner
Landscape Painter
Laborer Agr
Keeper Of Mangle
Grocer & Innkeeper
Glassmaker Wife
Casting Dresser At Foundry (Iron)
Cart Driver (Er)
Boiler Maker
Boiler Builder
Boat Builder
Apprentice Merchant
Dress Maker
Engine Factory Woman
General Servt
General Servant
General Serv Domestic
General Labourer
Farmer Servant Indoor
Farm Labourer
Errand Boy Unemployed