Clunes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Hugh Clunes
Alexander Clunes
William Clunes
Henry Clunes
Deane Clunes
Wm.Hy. Clunes
Thomas Clunes
Jas. Clunes
Fredk. Clunes
John Clunes
James Clunes

Top female forenames

Clara Clunes
Mary Clunes
Emily Clunes
Minnie Clunes
Margaret Clunes
Lizzie Clunes
Jessie Clunes
Jane Clunes
Frances Clunes
Emma Clunes
Eliza Clunes
Sarah Clunes
Ada Clunes
Lydia Clunes
Julia Clunes
Janet Clunes
Georgina Clunes
F. Clunes

Top occupations

Plumbers Apprentice
Plumbers Labourer
Raily Signal Engineer
Raily.Signal Engineer Wife
Retired Farmer
Retired List H M Indian Army Widow Of Lieut Colonel
Ship Owner
Letter Press Printer
Civil Engineer
Cotton Weaver
Engine Driver Locomotive (Rail)
Engine Drivers Wife
Engineer (E & M)
General Servant
Sign Writer