Clynes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Clynes
John Clynes
James Clynes
Patrick Clynes
Austin Clynes
Peter Clynes
William Clynes
Joseph Clynes
Frank Clynes
Edward Clynes
Wm. Clynes
Alfred Clynes
Richard Clynes
Martin Clynes
George Clynes
Edwin Clynes
Daniel Clynes
Andrew Clynes
Robert Clynes
Mathew Clynes

Top female forenames

Mary Clynes
Bridget Clynes
Catherine Clynes
Ann Clynes
Ellen Clynes
Betsy Clynes
Elizabeth Clynes
Martha Clynes
Margaret Clynes
Alice Clynes
Frances Clynes
Emily Clynes
Sarah Clynes
Maria Clynes
Louisa Clynes
Agnes Clynes
Fruness Clynes
Emma Clynes
Theresa Clynes
Charlotte Clynes
Roseana Clynes
Annie Clynes
Harriet Clynes
Elizth. Clynes
Eliza Clynes

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Labourer In Cotton Mill (Paper)
Cotton Weaver
General Labourer
Cotton Opperative
Umbrella Rib Maker
Rag Buyer & Seller
Labourer At Cotton Mill
Labourer Ag
Laborer In Gas Works
Ironworkers Laborer
Housemaid Domestic Serv
General Servant
Labourer In Brass Foundry
Sawyer To Wood Box Maker
Packing Case Mkr
Operative Cotton Spinner
Railway Labourer
Lace Clipper Employed
Labourer Sugar Baker
Railway Servant
Labourer In Foundry (Iron)
Labourer On Railway
General (Labourer)
Gen Lab
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Scutcher Tenter
Cotton Peicer
Cotton Operative
Cotton Mill Clerk
Copper Labourer (Manuf) ((C...))
Cocoa Packer
Coal Miner Wife
Coal Miner
Wine Merchant
Gas Stoker
Fellmongers Laborer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Lab
Factory Operative (F H T)
Factory Operative
Factory Hand (Tex)
Errand Boy
Employed In Cigar Manufactory