Coatsworth in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Coatsworth
Robert Coatsworth
Thomas Coatsworth
George Coatsworth
Joseph Coatsworth
James Coatsworth
William Coatsworth
Peter Coatsworth
Henry Coatsworth
Mark Coatsworth
Frederick Coatsworth
Wm. Coatsworth
Alfred Coatsworth
Edward Coatsworth
Charles Coatsworth
Isaac Coatsworth
Thos. Coatsworth
Freddy Coatsworth
Earnest Coatsworth
David Coatsworth
Mathew Coatsworth
Jonathan Coatsworth
Tom Coatsworth
Ralph Coatsworth
E. Coatsworth
Miles Coatsworth
Mary Coatsworth
Walton Coatsworth

Top female forenames

Mary Coatsworth
Elizabeth Coatsworth
Sarah Coatsworth
Ann Coatsworth
Margaret Coatsworth
Fanny Coatsworth
Martha Coatsworth
Emma Coatsworth
Jane Coatsworth
Hannah Coatsworth
Emily Coatsworth
Eliza Coatsworth
Ellen Coatsworth
Anne Coatsworth
Isabella Coatsworth
Clara Coatsworth
Annie Coatsworth
Kate Coatsworth
Rose Coatsworth
Maud Coatsworth
Clarissa Coatsworth
Christina Coatsworth
Margret Coatsworth
Blanche Coatsworth
Lilly Coatsworth
Thomason Coatsworth
Jesse Coatsworth
Elizh. Coatsworth
Thomasin Coatsworth
Alice Coatsworth
Elizabaeth Coatsworth
Infant Coatsworth
Elisebeth Coatsworth
Pheoby Coatsworth
Harriet Coatsworth
Edith Coatsworth
Minnie Coatsworth
Grace Coatsworth
Dorothy Coatsworth
Frances Coatsworth
Maria Coatsworth
Evelyn Coatsworth
Catherine Coatsworth
Violet Coatsworth
Elizth. Coatsworth
Thomasina Coatsworth
Sophia Coatsworth
Isabel Coatsworth
Ida Coatsworth
Elisabeth Coatsworth

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Lead Miner
Coal Miner
Domestic Serv
Farmer Br
Domestic Servant
Farmers Wife
General Labourer
Mistress Of Private School
Farmers Daur
Furnished Apartments
Farmer 180 Acres Employ 2 Men 1 Housekeeper
Farmer 224 Ac
General Laborer Wife
General Laborer
Farmer Of 13 Acres
Gen Serv Domestic
Gardener (N D)
Farmer Of 186 Acres
Gardeners Wife
Gardener ND
Fireman In Tug Boat
Corn Dealer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Apprentice Smith (B)
Bakers Assistant
Beer Seller & Baker
Blacksmith Wife
Butcher & Coal Miner
Cabinet Maker
Clerk In Customs (B S)
Crinker Machine Ruler
Dairy Maid Ag Lab
Domestic Servant (Unemployed)
Dress Maker
Engine Driver (22-2)
Engine Fitter E & M
Engineer Foreman