Cobden in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cobden
Charles Cobden
John Cobden
George Cobden
Richard Cobden
James Cobden
Edward Cobden
Harry Cobden
Thomas Cobden
Henry Cobden
Albert Cobden
Alfred Cobden
Frederick Cobden
Herbert Cobden
Mark Cobden
Chas. Cobden
Samuel Cobden
Robert Cobden
Joseph Cobden
Chas.Wm. Cobden
Sydney Cobden
Robt. Cobden
Gilbert Cobden
Arthur Cobden
Richd. Cobden
Geo.Lacy Cobden
Frerick Cobden
Leonard Cobden
Elwyn Cobden
Joshua Cobden
Wm. Cobden
Conrad Cobden
Jack Cobden
Christopher Cobden
Halsted Cobden
Beverly Cobden
Geo. Cobden
Luke Cobden
Keran Cobden
Edwin Cobden
Ebenezer Cobden
Willie Cobden
Clement Cobden
W. Cobden

Top female forenames

Mary Cobden
Annie Cobden
Elizabeth Cobden
Sarah Cobden
Alice Cobden
Emma Cobden
Ann Cobden
Eliza Cobden
Jane Cobden
Martha Cobden
Ellen Cobden
Harriet Cobden
Florence Cobden
Emily Cobden
Anne Cobden
Eleanor Cobden
Charlotte Cobden
Catherine Cobden
Fanny Cobden
Agnes Cobden
Hannah Cobden
Caroline Cobden
Margaret Cobden
Amy Cobden
Jessie Cobden
Rose Cobden
Hilda Cobden
Rebecca Cobden
Ada Cobden
Clementina Cobden
Nellie Cobden
Grace Cobden
Maud Cobden
Geoffrey Cobden
Maryanne Cobden
Blanche Cobden
Margaretta Cobden
Susannah Cobden
Lizzie Cobden
Rosina Cobden
Amelia Cobden
Rosa Cobden
Helen Cobden
Clementine Cobden
Olive Cobden
Chase Cobden
Minnie Cobden
Georgina Cobden
Cathleen Cobden
Matilda Cobden

Top occupations

House Painter
Farmers Daur
Potters Paintress
Brush Maker
General Serv
Farmers Daughter
Gen Serv
Dress & Mantle Maker
Wine Cooper
Farmers Widow
Farmers Wife
Dress Apprentice
Dress Maker
Farmers Son
Engine Driver Unemployed
Farmer 180 Acres Employ 13 Men 2 Boys
Farmer Of 375 Acres Employing 6 Labs & 4 Boys
Farmer Of 410 Acres Employing 8 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer Of 400 Acres
Cab Driver
Ag Machine Lab
Ag Valuers Assistant
Attendant On Insane (Inst Serv)
Attendant Wife
Book Keeper Commer (Clerk)
Boy 2nd Class
Butcher Master
Carpenter Apprentice
Chair Maker
China Painter
Clicker (Boot)
Co-op Store Porter
Cook Domestic
Cook Unemployed (Dom)
Cordwainer N Pensioner
Dairy Farmer Of 49 Acres Land Employing 3 Laborers & 2 Boys