Cockeram in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cockeram
Samuel Cockeram
James Cockeram
John Cockeram
George Cockeram
Thomas Cockeram
Alfred Cockeram
Francis Cockeram
Saml. Cockeram
Henry Cockeram
Robert Cockeram
Ralph Cockeram
Herbert Cockeram
Edmond Cockeram
Sydney Cockeram
Charles Cockeram
Richard Cockeram
Israel Cockeram
Frank Cockeram
Willm.Marchant Cockeram
Edmund Cockeram
Christopher Cockeram
Arthur Cockeram

Top female forenames

Mary Cockeram
Sarah Cockeram
Elizabeth Cockeram
Ann Cockeram
Emma Cockeram
Louisa Cockeram
Catherine Cockeram
Harriet Cockeram
Kate Cockeram
Jane Cockeram
Hannah Cockeram
Ellen Cockeram
Margaret Cockeram
Elisth. Cockeram
Lilian Cockeram
Annie Cockeram
Jessie Cockeram
Susan Cockeram
Florence Cockeram
Phebe Cockeram
Fanny Cockeram
May Cockeram
Emily Cockeram
Lucy Cockeram
Cecily Cockeram
Lily Cockeram
Caroline Cockeram
Anne Cockeram
Selina Cockeram
Rose Cockeram
Flora Cockeram
Milicent Cockeram
Maud Cockeram

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Paper Sorter At Mills
Rag Cutter (...)
Ag Lab
Cotton Factory Hand
Tape Weaver
Industrial Trainer
Land Surveyor
Labourer (General)
Laborer At Gas Works
Iron Rivetter (Bridges)
House Duties
Locomotive Engine Turner
Stone Dresser
School Mistress
School Master
Retailer Of Beer
Raily Carriage Washer
Railway Goods Chequer
Pupil Teacher
Police Constable (WR)
Groom At Stables (8)
General Serv
Farm Domestic
Errand Boy
Engineering Slotting Machine Hand & M Maker
Engine Fitter United Meth Local Preacher
Engine Driver Loco Rail
Dress Maker
Drapers Apprentice
Coachman ND
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer 9 Acres
General Domestic Servant
Gardener (ND)
Frame Work Knitter
Formerly Charwoman On Parish Relief
Farming 640 Acres Employing 13 Men & 3 Boys
Farmers Wife & Publican
Farmer Of 80 Acres Employ 2 Men 2 Boys
Farmer Of 25 Acres
Farmer Of 20 Acres