Cockerham in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cockerham
William Cockerham
Charles Cockerham
George Cockerham
Henry Cockerham
Arthur Cockerham
Thomas Cockerham
Joseph Cockerham
Walter Cockerham
Robert Cockerham
Edward Cockerham
James Cockerham
David Cockerham
Tom Cockerham
Amos Cockerham
Fred Cockerham
Samuel Cockerham
Richard Cockerham
Francis Cockerham
Frederick Cockerham
Charly Cockerham
W.Charles Cockerham
Harrie Cockerham
Geo. Cockerham
Alfred Cockerham
Peter Cockerham
Lucas Cockerham
Elias Cockerham
Edmund Cockerham
Wm. Cockerham
Jeremiah Cockerham
Isaac Cockerham
Charls Cockerham
Vincent Cockerham
Harry Cockerham
Alvara Cockerham
Phillip Cockerham
Frank Cockerham
Percy Cockerham
Esra Cockerham
Wm.Philip Cockerham
Jesse Cockerham
Ed.C. Cockerham

Top female forenames

Mary Cockerham
Sarah Cockerham
Elizabeth Cockerham
Annie Cockerham
Hannah Cockerham
Ann Cockerham
Alice Cockerham
Eliza Cockerham
Jane Cockerham
Ellen Cockerham
Ada Cockerham
Emily Cockerham
Fanny Cockerham
Lucy Cockerham
Elizth. Cockerham
Margaret Cockerham
Amelia Cockerham
Edith Cockerham
Martha Cockerham
Emma Cockerham
Anne Cockerham
Margreat Cockerham
Lilly Cockerham
Leah Cockerham
Eleanor Cockerham
Vina Cockerham
Easter Cockerham
Charlotte Cockerham
Nellie Cockerham
Frances Cockerham
Betty Cockerham
Ethel Cockerham
Marion Cockerham
Anna Cockerham
Ella Cockerham
Louisa Cockerham
Agnes Cockerham
Lilian Cockerham
Eliz. Cockerham
William Cockerham
Janet Cockerham
Sophia Cockerham
Harriet Cockerham
Christina Cockerham
Nerissa Cockerham
Gertrude Cockerham
Charllotte Cockerham
Maude Cockerham
Bertha Cockerham

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Colliery Lab
Stone Quarry Lab
Labourer (Gen)
Railway Clerk
Iron Turner
Dyer Cloth
Mine Ser Deputy In Coal Mine
Groom General (Domestic)
Grocer & Beer Retailer
Genl Ser (A L)
General Servant Domestic
General Servant (Domestic)
General Serv Domestic
Groom N D
Iron Moulder
Lab In Malt Kiln (Maltster)
Housekeeper Dom
Housekeeper (Dom)
Highway Lab (Road)
Domestic Serv Out Of Place
Formerly Farmers Wife
Formerly Agt Laborer
Cook (Dom Serv)
Coal Miner Wife
Chair Maker
Carrier (Retired)
Brick Maker
Boot Rivetter
Worsted Woolsorter Unemployed
Cow Keeper & Milk Dealer
Fathers Housekeeper Dom
Farm Servt (Ind)
Farm Servant
Farm Labourer
Farm Laborer
Elementary Sch. Teacher
Domestic Servant
Cowkeeper Dairyman