Cockran in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cockran
Thomas Cockran
John Cockran
James Cockran
Henry Cockran
Alfred Cockran
Charles Cockran
George Cockran
Frank Cockran
David Cockran
Samuel Cockran
Francis Cockran
Dennis Cockran
Christopher Cockran
Joseph Cockran
Arthur Cockran
Herman Cockran
Anthony Cockran
Richard Cockran
Aaron Cockran
Patrick Cockran
Edwin Cockran
Michael Cockran
Lawrence Cockran
Daniel Cockran
Walter Cockran
Jack Cockran
Timothy Cockran
Isaac Cockran
Aron Cockran
Sultan Cockran
Andrew Cockran
Robert Cockran
Alexr. Cockran
Regd.P. Cockran
Ernest Cockran
Nathan Cockran
Edward Cockran
Martin Cockran
Dan. Cockran
Chas. Cockran
W. Cockran
J. Cockran

Top female forenames

Mary Cockran
Sarah Cockran
Annie Cockran
Elizabeth Cockran
Ellen Cockran
Emma Cockran
Isabella Cockran
Ann Cockran
Alice Cockran
Julia Cockran
Hannah Cockran
Margaret Cockran
Harriet Cockran
Esther Cockran
Emily Cockran
Eliza Cockran
Jane Cockran
Louisa Cockran
Matilda Cockran
Gertrude Cockran
Annah Cockran
Margreat Cockran
Maggie Cockran
Livenia Cockran
Susanah Cockran
A...ea Cockran
Rose Cockran
Eda Cockran
Nell Cockran
Isabel Cockran
Cecilia Cockran
Minne Cockran
Catherine Cockran
Frances Cockran
Margut Cockran
Ethel Cockran
Anna Cockran
An Cockran
Emilie Cockran
Susannah Cockran
Alda Cockran
Kate Cockran
Jesse Cockran
Eleanor Cockran
Phoebe Cockran
Drusill Cockran
Minny Cockran
Cecil Cockran
Bridget Cockran
Maria Cockran

Top occupations

General Labourer
General Servant
Coal Miner
Assistant Principle Of School
Errand Boy
Factory Worker (Lab)
Fruit Seller
Frame Work Knitter
Foreman Baker
Farm Lab
Flax Weaver
General Servant Domestic
Gen Serv
Housemaid Domestic Servant
Horse Dealer
Boot Maker
Glove Maker
General Servt
Drapers Clerk
Dock Laborer
Civil Officer (Superannuated)
Certificated School Master
Cabinet Maker
C Card Room Hand
Bricklayers Labourer
Brass Finisher
Board School Assistant
Bankers Cashire
Clerk Of Works
Dealer In Fancy Goods
Cotton Piecer Ma
Cotton Frame Tenter
Cook General Servant Domestic
Cook Domestic Serv
Cook (Dom)
Commission Agent
Coal Mine