Cockrill in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cockrill
William Cockrill
Charles Cockrill
Robert Cockrill
Joseph Cockrill
Thomas Cockrill
George Cockrill
James Cockrill
Harry Cockrill
Albert Cockrill
Edward Cockrill
Frank Cockrill
Henry Cockrill
Samuel Cockrill
Austen Cockrill
Ralph Cockrill
Alfred Cockrill
Nathaniel Cockrill
Fran. Cockrill
A. Cockrill
Elijah Cockrill
Edwin Cockrill
Willm. Cockrill
Horace Cockrill
Edmond Cockrill
E.W. Cockrill
Silas Cockrill
Clark Cockrill
Harold Cockrill
Benjamin Cockrill
Fred Cockrill
Arthur Cockrill
Percy Cockrill
Francis Cockrill
Mark Cockrill
Ernest Cockrill
Eli Cockrill
Wm.E. Cockrill
J.B. Cockrill
Hilder Cockrill
Earnest Cockrill
T.W. Cockrill
Henery Cockrill
David Cockrill
Septimus Cockrill
Harrold Cockrill
Rupert Cockrill

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Cockrill
Mary Cockrill
Sarah Cockrill
Ann Cockrill
Alice Cockrill
Eliza Cockrill
Ellen Cockrill
Annie Cockrill
Harriet Cockrill
Edith Cockrill
Hannah Cockrill
Emma Cockrill
Maria Cockrill
Louisa Cockrill
Jane Cockrill
Caroline Cockrill
Eva Cockrill
Susan Cockrill
Jessie Cockrill
Minnie Cockrill
Frances Cockrill
Anne Cockrill
Lilian Cockrill
Kate Cockrill
Rachel Cockrill
Ada Cockrill
Nellie Cockrill
Hetty Cockrill
Deborah Cockrill
Maude Cockrill
Charlotte Cockrill
Marian Cockrill
Gertrude Cockrill
Margaret Cockrill
Florie Cockrill
Lucy Cockrill
Flora Cockrill
Anna Cockrill
Lily Cockrill
Amelia Cockrill
Laura Cockrill
Elsie Cockrill
Sally Cockrill
Agnes Cockrill
Polly Cockrill
Isabell Cockrill
Helen Cockrill
Clara Cockrill
Catherine Cockrill
Betty Cockrill

Top occupations

Drapers Assistant
Elastic Weaver
Labourer General
Labourers Wife
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 260 Acs Employing 6 Men & 8 Boys
Dressmakers Apprentice
Dress Maker
Fruit Salesman
Fishermans Wife
Farmers Wife
Engineer (E & M)
Farmers Daughter
Farm 96 Acres Employ 4 Men
Farmer 137 Acres Employs 4 Men And 3 Boys
Farmer Of 60 Acres 2 Labourers
Dairy Maid
Cotton Slubber
Boot Paster
Boot Binder
Beer Dealer & Farmer
Woollen Tender (Cloth Mf)
Architect & Surveyor & Sub Postmaster
Architect & Surveyor
Annuitant Interest Of Money
Boot Rivetter
Builder Wife
Cotton Beamer
Commercial Traveller (Carpets)
Commercial Clerk To Steam Ship (Owner)
Comcl Traveller Fancy Stationery
Chemists Assistant
Carpenter Wife
Carpenter Employing 2 Sons