Coghill in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Coghill
John Coghill
Alexander Coghill
Robert Coghill
Thomas Coghill
David Coghill
James Coghill
Henry Coghill
Frederick Coghill
Norman Coghill
Joseph Coghill
Anthony Coghill
Harry Coghill
George Coghill
Richard Coghill
Frank Coghill
Patrick Coghill
F. Coghill
Michael Coghill
Douglas Coghill
Kenneth Coghill
Jos. Coghill
Archibald Coghill
Harrold Coghill
Percy Coghill
Francis Coghill
Edwin Coghill
Lawerance Coghill
Donald Coghill
Daniel Coghill
Herbert Coghill
Wm. Coghill

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Coghill
Mary Coghill
Margaret Coghill
Alice Coghill
Ann Coghill
Agnes Coghill
Sarah Coghill
Annie Coghill
Isabella Coghill
Hannah Coghill
Martha Coghill
Caroline Coghill
Jane Coghill
Esther Coghill
May Coghill
Ellen Coghill
Edith Coghill
Lydia Coghill
Catherine Coghill
Janet Coghill
Susan Coghill
Ethel Coghill
Phobe Coghill
Emma Coghill
Maude Coghill
Elizth. Coghill
Eleanor Coghill
Maggie Coghill
Clara Coghill
Jessie Coghill
Helen Coghill
Susannah Coghill
Alexandria Coghill
Florence Coghill

Top occupations

Paviours Laborer
Ladys Maid Dom Serv
Housekeeper Domestic Serv
Groom (8)
General Book Binder
Gardener (Dom) (M)
Mantle Cutter (Milliner)
Marriener Wife
Resident Student
Register Office (...)
Railway Signalman
Publisher Adviser
Police Sargeant
Police Constable
No Occupation
Monthly Nurse
Mercht & Manufr
Fortune In Landed Property
Farmers Wife
Clothiers Clerk
Clerk (Commercial)
Chemical Manufrtr.& C. Wife
Chemical Manufr & C.
Butcher Employing 1 Man 1 Boy
Builder Concrete Maker
Broker Asst (Tea Broker)
Book Keeper
Boiler Maker
Worsted Stuff Weaver
Corporal Royal Engineers (Ordinance Survey)
Farmers Daur
Farm Of 81 Acres Emp. 1 Man & Boy
Engine Fitter
Draper Retired
Domestic Servant
Doctor Of Medicine Physician Of Edinburgh
Daur Of The Above
Daur Of Late Sir Josiah Cochill Bt
Dairy Keeper
Cotton Broker