Coll in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Coll
James Coll
Edward Coll
Patrick Coll
George Coll
Martin Coll
Frank Coll
Charles Coll
Edwin Coll
Joseph Coll
Harry Coll
Frederick Coll
William Coll
Tom Coll
Richard Coll
Alfred Coll
Louis Coll
Henry Coll
Fred Coll
Walter Coll
Thomas Coll
Ed.W.B. Coll
Peter Coll
Anthony Coll

Top female forenames

Mary Coll
Emma Coll
Elizabeth Coll
Catherine Coll
Margaret Coll
Bridget Coll
Ellen Coll
Sarah Coll
Ann Coll
Jane Coll
Esther Coll
Usler Coll
Rosanna Coll
Elben Coll
Maud Coll
Caroline Coll
Martha Coll
Annie Coll
Agnes Coll
Julia Coll
Isabella Coll
Francis Coll
Rachel Coll
Maria Coll
Louisa Coll
Grace Coll

Top occupations

Farm Laborer
Coal Miner
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Builders Labourer
Labourer (Gen)
Needle Woman
Labourer At Engine Works
Sister Of Mercy School Teacher
No Occupation
Police Constable
Pte Soldier 29 Regt
Pupil Teacher
Quarryman (Stone)
Servant General
Sister Of Mercy (Nun)
Lab Iron Works
Housemaid Dom Serv
Alkali Labourer
Attendant Domestic Servt
Bakor And Privision Porter
Blacksmith Labourer
Boiler Maker
Builders Laborer
Chimney Sweep Flue Cleaner
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servt
Dress Maker
Farmer And Labourer
Gardener (Dom)
General Lab
General Labourer
Ag Lab