Collen in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Collen
William Collen
George Collen
Thomas Collen
James Collen
Robert Collen
Arthur Collen
Charles Collen
Walter Collen
Alfred Collen
Joseph Collen
Edward Collen
Josiah Collen
Earnest Collen
Henry Collen
David Collen
Daniel Collen
Richard Collen
Harry Collen
Annie Collen
Peter Collen
Norman Collen
Francis Collen
Wm.Frank Collen
Albert Collen
Manasseh Collen
Levet Collen
Tom Collen
Darnell Collen
Charlie Collen
Seth Collen
Benjamin Collen
Anthony Collen
Reuben Collen
Harman Collen
Ambrose Collen
Patrick Collen
Frederick Collen
Alexander Collen
Martin Collen
Ephraim Collen
Lionel Collen
Edgar Collen
W.J. Collen
Leonard Collen
Thos. Collen
Silas Collen
Jeremiah Collen
Samual Collen
Herbert Collen

Top female forenames

Mary Collen
Sarah Collen
Elizabeth Collen
Jane Collen
Eliza Collen
Ellen Collen
Maria Collen
Emily Collen
Florence Collen
Susan Collen
Martha Collen
Esther Collen
Annie Collen
Amelia Collen
Alice Collen
Emma Collen
Ann Collen
Caroline Collen
Julia Collen
Georgianna Collen
Charlotte Collen
Selina Collen
Agnes Collen
Lillian Collen
Sophia Collen
Kate Collen
Rose Collen
Orpah Collen
Isabella Collen
Elise Collen
Meriah Collen
Ada Collen
Helen Collen
Eleanor Collen
Hannah Collen
Clara Collen
Marion Collen
Violet Collen
Margeretta Collen
Blanche Collen
Lettice Collen
Ethel Collen
Belinder Collen
Kerenhappuch Collen
Julietta Collen
Rebecca Collen
Allice Collen
Norah Collen
Honer Collen
Eliara Collen

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers son
General Laborer
Farm Laborer
Farmers wife
Farmer 55 Acres
Farmer 230 Acres (Emp 6 Men 1 Boy)
Farm Worker
Footman Domestic Servant
Farm Labor
English Mistress (Sch...)
Gen Servant (Domestic)
Farmer Of 360 Acres Employing 4 Men
Female Telegraph Clerk
Farmer Of 13 Acres
Farmers Daughter
Formerly Shipwright
Farmer Of 87 Acres
Farmer of 60 acres employing one man
Farmer of 42 acres
Domestic Servant
Carter (Ag.Lab.)
Wife Of Above
Capt B I Corps
Cab Driver
Brewers Ostler (Groom)
Bread & Biscuit Baker
Agricultural Laborer
Char Woman
Domestic Serv
District Office To Middle Fen Com
Dairymaid Dom Serv (Ag Lab)
Cotton Operative
Corn Merchant
Coal Miner
Coal Heaver
City Police Sargeant
Chemists Pupil