Colles in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Colles
Francois Colles
George Colles
Francis Colles
Ernest Colles
Alexander Colles
Abraham Colles
Victor Colles
Maurice Colles
James Colles
Godfrey Colles
Arthur Colles
Albert Colles
Percy Colles
John Colles
Henry Colles
Goddard Colles

Top female forenames

Emily Colles
Mary Colles
Margaret Colles
Elizabeth Colles
Clemence Colles
Rosilind Colles
Caroline Colles
Marie Colles
Beatrice Colles
Louisa Colles
Jeanne Colles
Helen Colles
Fanny Colles
E. Colles
Sarah Colles
Charlotte Colles
Bessie Colles
Kate Colles
Hilda Colles
Gertrude Colles
Emma Colles

Top occupations

House Decorator
Vicar D.D.
Vicars Daur
Vicars Wife
Wig Maker
Roman Catholic Priest
No Occupation
General Servant
General Practitioner MD Dublin L.R.C.S.T.
Chaplain Hackney Union Infirmary Of Civil &
Billiard Table Manufacturer
Barrister At Law In Practice & B.A.
Artist (Painter)
Wireman S W Railway