Collet in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Collet
John Collet
Henry Collet
Thomas Collet
James Collet
George Collet
Albert Collet
Charles Collet
Joseph Collet
Walter Collet
Herbert Collet
Mark Collet
Francis Collet
Robert Collet
Harold Collet
Arthur Collet
Fredk. Collet
Alfred Collet
Edward Collet
Robt. Collet
Richard Collet
Auguste Collet
Antoine Collet
Justin Collet
Frederick Collet
Wm.Alfred Collet
Alice Collet
Edwin Collet
J. Collet
Edmund Collet
Simeon Collet
Collet Collet
Roland Collet
Henery Collet
Charley Collet
Augustus Collet
Pierre Collet
Godfrey Collet
Lennard Collet
Andrew Collet
Joshua Collet
Frank Collet
Joiah Collet
Eugene Collet
Tom Collet
Stephen Collet
Hugh Collet
Daniel Collet
Samuel Collet
Chas. Collet

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Collet
Emma Collet
Mary Collet
Annie Collet
Sarah Collet
Emily Collet
Ellen Collet
Jane Collet
Lucy Collet
Frances Collet
Ann Collet
Louisa Collet
Caroline Collet
Ethel Collet
Isabella Collet
Martha Collet
Clara Collet
Marie Collet
Margaret Collet
Mabel Collet
Alice Collet
Eliza Collet
Minnie Collet
Edith Collet
Fanny Collet
Amy Collet
Lissie Collet
Rosa Collet
Allice Collet
Laura Collet
Polly Collet
Adele Collet
Jean Collet
Eleanor Collet
May Collet
Daisy Collet
Helen Collet
Harriett Collet
Bessy Collet
Antonia Collet
Evelyn Collet
Sophia Collet
Rose Collet
Alphonsine Collet
Lily Collet
Rachael Collet
Kate Collet
Henrietta Collet
Constance Collet
Marion Collet

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Coal Miner
Retired Farmer
General Labourer
General Servant
Bricklayers Laborer
Farm Labourer
Domestic Serv
Footman Domestic Svt
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Servant (Indr)
Manager 14.2 (Ammunition Maker)
Farm Serv Domestic
Formerly Agricul Laborer
Lace Manufacturer
General Practitioner H.R.C.S.Surgeon B.A.Contab Trg.L.S.A.
General Serv
Household Work
Genl Dom Serv
Governess (Mistress)
Grocers Assistant
Dye Finisher
Dress Maker
Brewer With Father
Brewer & Maltster
Blacksmith Apprentice
Bankers Clerk
Woolen Spinner
Agricultural Labourer
Accountant Clerk
Butcher Serv
Carver Gilder
Domestic Servant General
Assistant Grocer
Cook Domestic
Clay Miner
Civil Engineer
Char Woman
Cement Merchant