Collicott in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Collicott
George Collicott
Thomas Collicott
John Collicott
Henry Collicott
Harry Collicott
Richard Collicott
James Collicott
Fredrick Collicott
Alfred Collicott
Wm.H. Collicott
Wilfred Collicott
Frank Collicott
Samuel Collicott
Benjamin Collicott
Nicholas Collicott
Josiah Collicott
Frederick Collicott
Bertram Collicott
Richd. Collicott
Aurther Collicott
Reuben Collicott
Mark Collicott
Isaac Collicott

Top female forenames

Mary Collicott
Elizabeth Collicott
Annie Collicott
Jessie Collicott
Bessie Collicott
Alice Collicott
Emma Collicott
Maria Collicott
Edith Collicott
Florence Collicott
Eliza Collicott
Margaret Collicott
Eleanor Collicott
Kate Collicott
Daisy Collicott
Isabella Collicott
Francis Collicott
Alberta Collicott
Fanny Collicott
Ada Collicott
Salome Collicott
Ellenor Collicott
Maud Collicott
Elisabeth Collicott
Lilian Collicott
Harriet Collicott
Agnes Collicott
Esther Collicott
Emily Collicott
Ruth Collicott
Ellen Collicott

Top occupations

General Servant (Domestic)
Tailors Daur
Coal Miner
Tin Miner
Parlormaid Domestic
No Occupation
Labourer (Unemployed)
Journeyman Tailor
Journeyman Tailor Wife
Lab Wife
Pensioner Wife
Retired Farmer
Traveller (Retired)
Teacher (Private)
Tailors Wife
Tailors Foreman
Copper Miner
Shoe Maker
Scholar Pupil Teacher
Railway Clerk
Insurance Broker & Underwriter
Income From Funds
Farm Wife
Farm Servant
Farm Laborer
Domestic Servant
Dom Gen Servt
Coach Painter
Carpenter & Joiner
Farmer of 18 Acres
Farmer of 22 Acres
Farmers Wife
House Carpenter
Grocers Assistant
Green Pensioner
General Servant
General Serv Domestic
General Laborer
General Domestic Servant
Formerly Bonnet Maker