Colligan in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Colligan
John Colligan
Peter Colligan
James Colligan
Patrick Colligan
Michael Colligan
Henry Colligan
Thomas Colligan
Joseph Colligan
Stephen Colligan
Bernard Colligan
Alexander Colligan
Robert Colligan
Owen Colligan
Charles Colligan
Andrew Colligan
Samuel Colligan
Richard Colligan

Top female forenames

Mary Colligan
Bridget Colligan
Jane Colligan
Margaret Colligan
Catherine Colligan
Annie Colligan
Emma Colligan
Elizabeth Colligan
Marjory Colligan
Maria Colligan
Ann Colligan
Maggie Colligan
Allice Colligan
Lillian Colligan
Adelaide Colligan
Frances Colligan
Susanna Colligan
Ellen Colligan
Rose Colligan
Dinah Colligan
Briget Colligan
Marion Colligan
Amy Colligan
M. Colligan
Allen Colligan
Janet Colligan
Isabella Colligan
Sarah Colligan
Rebecca Colligan

Top occupations

Ship Carpenter
Engineer (Forman Of Bicycle Works)
Dress Maker
Labourer In Iron Works
Labourer Chemical
Labourer (Unemployed)
Laborer (On Highway)
Ironworks Labourer
Ironship Builder
Iron Turner
Iron Labourer
Lamplighter (Gas)
Licensed Victualler
Quarryman (Stone Out Of Work)
Paper Maker
Packer In Warehouse (... Manuf)
Office Cleaner
No Occupation
Mothers Servant
Marine Firemans Wife
Housekeeper Domestic
Hawker (General)
Forgeman (Iron)
Factory Opp Woollen
Dressmaker (Apprentice)
Domestic Servant
Dock Labourer
Dk Labr
Confectioners Apprentice
Colliery Dataller
Woolen Weaver
Foundry Labourer
French Polisher
Fruit Dealer
Grocers Porter
Grocers Assistant
Genl Labr
General Serv
General Labourer
General Laborer
General Carter
Gen Servant Cook