Collingham in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Collingham
John Collingham
Joseph Collingham
Robert Collingham
George Collingham
James Collingham
Henry Collingham
Edward Collingham
Herbert Collingham
Thomas Collingham
David Collingham
Albert Collingham
Eli Collingham
Frederick Collingham
Amos Collingham
Richard Collingham
Enoch Collingham
Willm. Collingham
Ernest Collingham
Wm.Hy. Collingham
Christopher Collingham
Watson Collingham
Bright Collingham
Tom Collingham
Arthur Collingham
Sidney Collingham
Fred. Collingham
Robt. Collingham
Fread Collingham
Francis Collingham
Wm.Jno.Timperley Collingham
Job Collingham
Cristopher Collingham
Welbraliam Collingham
Harry Collingham
Charles Collingham
Walter Collingham
Fredric Collingham
Barnard Collingham
Fred.Jas. Collingham
Anthony Collingham
Roser Collingham
Fred Collingham
Alfred Collingham
Frank Collingham
Miles Collingham

Top female forenames

Mary Collingham
Elizabeth Collingham
Hannah Collingham
Martha Collingham
Jane Collingham
Ellen Collingham
Ann Collingham
Lucy Collingham
Eliza Collingham
Harriett Collingham
Margaret Collingham
Agnes Collingham
Sarah Collingham
Eleanor Collingham
Catherine Collingham
Alice Collingham
Edith Collingham
Rebecca Collingham
Emily Collingham
Cordelia Collingham
Gertrude Collingham
Florence Collingham
Annie Collingham
Louisa Collingham
Elizth. Collingham
Sally Collingham
Rose Collingham
E. Collingham
Charlott Collingham
Matilda Collingham
Francis Collingham
Caroline Collingham
Fanny Collingham
Beatrice Collingham
Elizth.J. Collingham
Susan Collingham
Lotty Collingham
Julia Collingham
Ruth Collingham
Henrietta Collingham
Easther Collingham
Rhoda Collingham
Harriet Collingham
Minnie Collingham
Betsy Collingham
Maria Collingham
Emma Collingham
Mabel Collingham
Selina Collingham
Lizzie Collingham

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Stone Mason
Farm Labourer
Bricklayers Labourer
Wood Sawyer
Gen Laborer
Spinner (Wor)
Coal Miner
General Servant Domestic
Grocers Assistant
Gardener On Estate (Dom)
Hosiery Seamer
Horse Man
General Dealer
Help Milk Seller
General Lab
General Labourer
General Domestic Servt
General Servant
Housekeeper Domestic
Cop Winder
Farmers Widow
Butcher Errand Boy
Barrister At Law
Bakers Carmans Wife
Bakers Carman
Agricultural Laberours Wife
Agricultural Laberour
Clarck In Drapers Office
Cotton Hand
Farmers Daur
Farmer Of 16 Acres
Farmer 134 Acres Employing 1 Labror & 1 Boy
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Errand Boy
Draper Employing 58 Hands (G P)
Domestic Servant