Collishaw in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Collishaw
John Collishaw
James Collishaw
George Collishaw
Robert Collishaw
Arthur Collishaw
Thomas Collishaw
Edward Collishaw
Henry Collishaw
Herbert Collishaw
Charles Collishaw
Geo.H. Collishaw
Joseph Collishaw
Alfred Collishaw
Edmond Collishaw
Mark Collishaw
Harry Collishaw
Wm. Collishaw
Frederick Collishaw
Fred Collishaw
Edmund Collishaw
Richard Collishaw
Fredrick Collishaw
Willm. Collishaw
Frederic Collishaw
Tom Collishaw

Top female forenames

Mary Collishaw
Elizabeth Collishaw
Ann Collishaw
Emma Collishaw
Eliza Collishaw
Jane Collishaw
Fanny Collishaw
Annie Collishaw
Clara Collishaw
Ada Collishaw
Kate Collishaw
Sarah Collishaw
Emily Collishaw
Florence Collishaw
Alice Collishaw
Lydia Collishaw
Katherine Collishaw
Edith Collishaw
Hannah Collishaw
Rebecca Collishaw
Mercy Collishaw
Martha Collishaw
Ellen Collishaw
Harriet Collishaw
Catherine Collishaw
Betsy Collishaw
Rhoda Collishaw
Gartrude Collishaw
Anne Collishaw
Nellie Collishaw
Alismond Collishaw
Maria Collishaw
Lizzie Collishaw
Elena Collishaw
Clarice Collishaw
Harriett Collishaw
Charlotte Collishaw
Harret Collishaw
Biddy Collishaw
Hanah Collishaw

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ag Lab Wife
Farmers Son
Lace Mender
Farmers Daur
General Servant
Paper Hanger
Farmers Wife
Ag Labour
Master Lace Maker Employing 1 Woman
Hose Mender
Wife Of Baker
Foremans Wife
Gardener (D)
Gardener Domestic Serv
Gen Shopkeeper Emp 1 Man & 1 Female Assistant
General Serv
Higgler Wife
General Servant (Domestic)
Income Derived From Interest Of Money
General Servt (Domestic)
Goods Clerk M Ry
House Wife
Cottagers Wife
Farmer Of 114 Acres Emp 2 Lab
Chemist & Druggist
Chemist Pharmaceutical
Coal Merchant
Coal Miner
Commission Agent
Corn Merchants Clerk
Cottager (Farmer) 6 Acres
Domestic Servt Gardener
Farm Bailiff
Farm Servant
Farmer 171 Acres Employing 1 Man & 1 Boy
Farmer 211 Acres Employing $ Lab
Farmer 227 Acres Of Land
Farmer Keeping 2 Lab & 1 Boy