Colliver in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Colliver
William Colliver
George Colliver
Henry Colliver
Thomas Colliver
Frederick Colliver
Charles Colliver
James Colliver
Carus Colliver
Jonathan Colliver
Brice Colliver
Jas.Jos. Colliver
Arthur Colliver
Howard Colliver
Albert Colliver
Harry Colliver
Edwd. Colliver
Richard Colliver
Joseph Colliver
Bridger Colliver
Barrington Colliver
Alfred Colliver
Harrie Colliver
G.V. Colliver
Frank Colliver
Robert Colliver
Edward Colliver
Peter Colliver

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Colliver
Mary Colliver
Emily Colliver
Sarah Colliver
Jane Colliver
Susan Colliver
Alice Colliver
Catherine Colliver
Bessie Colliver
Ann Colliver
Constance Colliver
Catharine Colliver
June Colliver
Bessy Colliver
Susannah Colliver
Annie Colliver
Francis Colliver
Rose Colliver
Florence Colliver
Ethel Colliver
Margt. Colliver
Mabel Colliver
Lucy Colliver
Kate Colliver
Betsy Colliver
Winifred Colliver
Jessie Colliver
Susanna Colliver
Hannah Colliver
Frances Colliver
Minnie Colliver
Fanny Colliver
Martha Colliver
Emma Colliver
Margaret Colliver
Ellen Colliver
Lydia Colliver
Louisa Colliver

Top occupations

Oyster And Other Fisher (Man)
Tin Miner
Retired Farmer
Farmer Daur
General Laborer
Grocers Wife
Gen Dom Serv
Grocers Carman
Grocer's Assistant
General Serv Domestic
GW Railway Fireman
Outfitter & Draper
Nurse Domestic Serv
Naval Pensioner (Painter)
Joiners (Apprentise)
Iron Worker
Housemaid Domestic Servt
Household Duties
Formerly Farmer
Farmer Son
Farmer Of 50 Acres
Cook Domestic Servant
Cook Domestic
Commercial Clerk
Coachman Dom Serv
Clerk In Law Statrs (Congl)
Classical English Tutor (...)
Butchers Son
Domestic Serv Groom
Domestic Servant (Housemaid)
Dress Maker
Farmer Of 11 Acres
Farmer ? Acres
Farm Servant
Farm Laborer
Farm 90 Acres
Engine Fitter At Works
Dress Makers Assistant