Collom in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Collom
George Collom
John Collom
Henry Collom
Thomas Collom
Richard Collom
Edgar Collom
Charles Collom
Harry Collom
Edwin Collom
E. Collom
Aurther Collom
Michael Collom
Samuel Collom
Phillip Collom
Joseph Collom
James Collom

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Collom
Mary Collom
Ann Collom
Eliza Collom
Martha Collom
Edwine Collom
Sarah Collom
Caroline Collom
Margaret Collom
Lucy Collom
Janet Collom
Hilda Collom
Emily Collom
Edith Collom
Maud Collom
Annie Collom
M. Collom
Louisa Collom
Jane Collom
Florence Collom

Top occupations

Copper Miner
No Occupation
Of No Occupation
Principal Of Ladies School
Retired Miner
Ship Steward
Shipwright Dock Yd
Shipwright Pensioner
Undergraduate Oxford
Wife Of Merchant Captn
Mining Engineer
Manager Of Lime Quarry & Mining Engineer
Assistant To Principal School
Carpenter Ret.(Pensioner)
Cattle Tender (Al)
Copper Dresser
Gen Servant
Grinder (Artizan)
House Painter
Income From Husband
Joiner Journeyman
Wine Porter