Collum in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Collum
William Collum
Robert Collum
Thomas Collum
Hugh Collum
Joseph Collum
Archie Collum
Rowland Collum
Allan Collum
L.J. Collum
Herbert Collum
Edwin Collum
Cyrus Collum
Arthur Collum
Samuel Collum
Archibald Collum
Alfred Collum
James Collum
Hubert Collum
George Collum
David Collum
Charles Collum

Top female forenames

Jane Collum
Elizabeth Collum
Mary Collum
Catherine Collum
Alice Collum
Sarah Collum
Emily Collum
Maria Collum
Margaret Collum
Bessie Collum
Louisa Collum
Ann Collum
Florence Collum
F.A. Collum
Priscilla Collum
Charlotte Collum
Margretta Collum
Caroline Collum
Marg. Collum
Annie Collum
Julia Collum
Amelia Collum
Henrietta Collum
Ada Collum
Flora Collum
Emma Collum
Ellen Collum
Maud Collum
Eliza Collum

Top occupations

Physicians Daughter
House Carpenter
Cotton Weaver
Physicians Wife
Merchant (East India)
Puddler In Iron Works
Masons Boy
Silver Ore Melter
Yard Man (Ag)
Vicars Son
Vicars Daur
Vicar Of Leigh Wife
Vicar Of Leigh Daughter
Vicar Of Leigh
Valet Dom Servt
Machinest (Und)
Cabinet Maker
Captain 100th Regt
Coal Miner
Coast Guard Pensioner (Navy)
Cook (D)
Cotton Spinner
Ag Laborer Shepherd
Dairy Woman (Ag)
Engine Fitter
Engine Tender
General Laborer
House Keeper
House Keeper (L H K)
House Painter
Iron Miner
Kitch Housemaid
Boy 1 Cl