Colquhoun in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Colquhoun
John Colquhoun
William Colquhoun
Robert Colquhoun
George Colquhoun
Peter Colquhoun
Alexander Colquhoun
Hugh Colquhoun
Thomas Colquhoun
Archibald Colquhoun
Wm. Colquhoun
Henry Colquhoun
Acheson Colquhoun
Robt. Colquhoun
Frederick Colquhoun
Richard Colquhoun
Francis Colquhoun
Oscar Colquhoun
David Colquhoun
Lawrence Colquhoun
Colin Colquhoun
Charles Colquhoun
Jas. Colquhoun
Arthur Colquhoun
Andrew Colquhoun
H. Colquhoun
Adam Colquhoun
Robt.S. Colquhoun
Frank Colquhoun
Duncan Colquhoun
Malcolm Colquhoun
Daniel Colquhoun
Julian Colquhoun
Chas.R. Colquhoun
Jas.T. Colquhoun
Benjamin Colquhoun
Willie Colquhoun
Thos. Colquhoun
Robt.W. Colquhoun
Gilbert Colquhoun

Top female forenames

Mary Colquhoun
Elizabeth Colquhoun
Sarah Colquhoun
Annie Colquhoun
Jane Colquhoun
Margaret Colquhoun
Emily Colquhoun
Isabella Colquhoun
Alice Colquhoun
Ada Colquhoun
Catherine Colquhoun
Ellen Colquhoun
Frances Colquhoun
Agnes Colquhoun
Janet Colquhoun
Helen Colquhoun
Francis Colquhoun
Ann Colquhoun
Emma Colquhoun
Jessie Colquhoun
Rose Colquhoun
Hannah Colquhoun
Lilian Colquhoun
Jennet Colquhoun
Susan Colquhoun
Eliz. Colquhoun
Doretta Colquhoun
Nelly Colquhoun
Christianna Colquhoun
Margrte Colquhoun
M. Colquhoun
Florence Colquhoun
Lilly Colquhoun
Evangeline Colquhoun
Violet Colquhoun
Leonora Colquhoun
Theodora Colquhoun
Susannah Colquhoun
Adelaide Colquhoun
Jean Colquhoun
Eliza Colquhoun
Sophia Colquhoun
Edith Colquhoun
Henrietta Colquhoun
Clara Colquhoun
Charlotte Colquhoun
Betsey Colquhoun
Lizzie Colquhoun
Eveline Colquhoun
W. Colquhoun

Top occupations

Teacher Of English Music
Wine And Spirit Merchant
Mining Engineer
Farm Servant
Governess Private (School)
Governess (Sch)
General Smith
General Servt Domestic
Gen Servant (Domestic)
Cook Dom.
Fitter (Eng)
Journeyman Tailor
Grocers Wife
Insurance Clerk
In Charge Of Fishmongers Shop
In A Shop
House Carpenter & Joiner
Hair Dressers Wife
Hair Dresser
J.P.For Kent Clergyman Without Care Of Souls
Factory Smith (... Blk)
Clerk H.M.C.(CSA)
Chief Engineer
Chelsea Pensioner Lower Divsn Clerk War Offce
Cab Man
Barristers Widow
Assistant Medical Practitioners Wife
Coal Leader (Carter)
Commercial Clerk Wine Trade
Commission Agent Cheese & Grain Merchant
Engineers Pattern Maker
Engine Driver Stationary
Drapers Cashier
Domestic Serv Cook
Dealer In Hats
Customs Officer