Colter in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Colter
William Colter
James Colter
Thomas Colter
Patrick Colter
Edward Colter
George Colter
Denis Colter
Wm. Colter
Charles Colter
Tom Colter
Alfred Colter
Robert Colter
Hen. Colter
David Colter
Arthur Colter
Peter Colter
Maurice Colter
Jno. Colter
Hugh Colter

Top female forenames

Mary Colter
Catherine Colter
Annie Colter
Elizabeth Colter
Maria Colter
Margaret Colter
Hannah Colter
Nora Colter
Bridget Colter
Ann Colter
Agnes Colter
Jessie Colter
Emma Colter
Ellen Colter
Rose Colter
Eliza Colter
Rachel Colter
Caroline Colter
Margeret Colter
Alice Colter
Lucy Colter
Jane Colter
Esib Colter
Ely Colter
Robertina Colter

Top occupations

Match Box Maker
Lodginghouse Keeper
Licensed Victualler
House Painter
House Carpenter
Ordy Seaman
Painters Laborer
Puddler (Iron)
Servant (Dom)
Shop Boy
Shop Girl
Stoker In Leadworks
Straw Dealer
Guard N E R
Groom (Dom)
Clerk (Railway)
Cabinet Maker
C Of Hold
Book Keeper Accountant
Blacksmiths Wife
Blacksmith (Village)
Attendant Sms 3/3
Cotton Weaver
Glass Maker
Genl Labr
General Serv
General Labourer
Gen Lab
Errand Boy
Division Offr Inland Rev
Craneman In Lead Works
A B Seaman