Colville in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Colville
William Colville
Robert Colville
George Colville
Charles Colville
James Colville
David Colville
Henry Colville
Edward Colville
Frank Colville
Samuel Colville
Thomas Colville
Hugh Colville
Richard Colville
Frederick Colville
Joseph Colville
Thos. Colville
Hubert Colville
Alfred Colville
Edwin Colville
Herbert Colville
Alexander Colville
Peter Colville
Fiennes Colville
Hy. Colville
Allen Colville
Stanley Colville
Albert Colville
Reginald Colville
Gordon Colville
Marmaduke Colville
G. Colville
Leonard Colville
Wm.Geo. Colville
Jno. Colville
W. Colville
Ira Colville
Archie Colville
Algernon Colville
Harry Colville
Malcolm Colville
Wm.R. Colville
Lancelot Colville
Willie Colville
Walter Colville

Top female forenames

Mary Colville
Elizabeth Colville
Sarah Colville
Ann Colville
Jane Colville
Catherine Colville
Hannah Colville
Annie Colville
Emma Colville
Margaret Colville
Emily Colville
Ellen Colville
Amelia Colville
Isabella Colville
Susan Colville
Anne Colville
Agnes Colville
Clara Colville
Kate Colville
Jessie Colville
Alice Colville
Hilda Colville
Dorothy Colville
Harriet Colville
Louisa Colville
Euphemia Colville
Rebecca Colville
Jeanie Colville
Helen Colville
Lucy Colville
Fanny Colville
Norry Colville
Maryann Colville
Martha Colville
Ada Colville
Isabel Colville
Eleanor Colville
Maria Colville
Georgina Colville
Caroline Colville
Leah Colville
Florence Colville
Sara Colville
Bertha Colville
Kathleen Colville
Julia Colville
Meggie Colville
Ella Colville
Eliza Colville
Marian Colville

Top occupations

Monthly Nurse
General Servant (At Home On A Visit)
Railway Laborer
No Occupation
Railway Clerk
Engine Fitter
Labourer (Gen)
Lace Maker
Blacksmith In Factory
Evangelical Preacher
Cook Dom Serv
Cook Dom
Confectioner & Prov Dealer
Farmers Son
Cotton Spinner (Manuf)
Customs Guager (C S Off)
Domestic Servant Gardener
Drapers Assistant
Farmer 514 Acres Empl 8 Lab
Farmer 400 Acres Employing 3 Labourers & 3 Women Workers
East India Merchant
Engine Driver
Cab Driver
Clerk Unemployed
Bricklayers Lab
Boy 1 Class
Boot Closer
Boot & Shoe Maker
Book Folder (Binder)
Boat Builder
Tutor School Master
Assistant To I Beauticn (Dyer)
Cabmans Daughter
Clerk Tailor And Letter Carrier
Cleaner (...)
Civil Service Royal Courts Of Justice
At Home
Cabmans Wife
Cabmans Son
Cabmans Daur