Combe in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Combe
Thomas Combe
William Combe
Charles Combe
James Combe
George Combe
Edward Combe
Henry Combe
Richard Combe
Robert Combe
Joseph Combe
Harry Combe
Boyce Combe
Arthur Combe
Titus Combe
Alexander Combe
David Combe
Samuel Combe
Harvey Combe
Gabriel Combe
Ernest Combe
Herbert Combe
Geo. Combe
Benj. Combe
Percy Combe
Frederick Combe
Leonard Combe
Frank Combe
Algernon Combe
Julius Combe
Elisah Combe
Thos.H. Combe
Clement Combe
Robt.M. Combe
Benjamin Combe
Petery Combe
Willm. Combe
Augustus Combe
Lionel Combe
Fred Combe
Virgil Combe
Archabald Combe
Kenneth Combe
Thos.R. Combe
Alfred Combe
Edwin Combe
Thos. Combe
Addis Combe
Jasper Combe
Edgar Combe

Top female forenames

Mary Combe
Emma Combe
Elizabeth Combe
Ann Combe
Sarah Combe
Alice Combe
Ellen Combe
Emily Combe
Jane Combe
Annie Combe
Margaret Combe
Amelia Combe
Maria Combe
Fanny Combe
Caroline Combe
Eliza Combe
Florence Combe
Catherine Combe
Matilda Combe
Beatrice Combe
Louisa Combe
Grace Combe
Edith Combe
Esther Combe
Lucy Combe
Eleanor Combe
Gertrude Combe
Ethel Combe
Carlone Combe
Martha Combe
Isabell Combe
Emilina Combe
Henrietta Combe
Lydia Combe
Harriet Combe
Tamyen Combe
Elise Combe
Susanna Combe
Lilly Combe
Frances Combe
Rose Combe
Clarerinda Combe
Letitia Combe
Minnie Combe
Cecilia Combe
Julia Combe
Eva Combe
May Combe
Janet Combe
Betsy Combe

Top occupations

Officers Daur
Domestic Serv
General Servant Domestic
Coal Miner
Officers Son
Dividends & Interest &c
No Occupatn
Cotton Card Room Hand
Copper Mining Girl
Ag Lab
Elementary Teacher
House Maid
Office Boy
Domestic Servant
Brush Maker
Cordwainer Master
Druggists Assist
Bakers Widow
Draughtsman On Wood
Domestic Servant (Cook)
Cotton Winder
Domestic Servant Nurse
Chaplain H M Prison Leeds
Assistant Architect
Boiler Maker
Brewer & Malster
Brewer Justice Of Peace
Brush Drawer
Carver & Gilder
Chaplains Wife
Clerk In Iron Ore Office
Clerk Of Works B G
Clerk Of Works Wife
Clerk To A Friendly Society
Coachman (Dom )
Coachman (Dom)
Coachman Domestic Servt
Coal Engineer (Driver)