Comerford in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Comerford
John Comerford
William Comerford
Thomas Comerford
Patrick Comerford
Edward Comerford
Charles Comerford
Francis Comerford
Michael Comerford
Henry Comerford
Joseph Comerford
Thos. Comerford
Philip Comerford
Richard Comerford
George Comerford
Frank Comerford
Albert Comerford
Robert Comerford
Harry Comerford
Frederick Comerford
Daniel Comerford
Louis Comerford
Andrew Comerford
Josh. Comerford
Alfred Comerford
Wm. Comerford
Jonathan Comerford
Alexander Comerford
Timothy Comerford
Jno.T. Comerford
Peter Comerford
Nicholas Comerford
Matthew Comerford
Laurence Comerford
Ambrose Comerford
Alexandria Comerford

Top female forenames

Mary Comerford
Ellen Comerford
Jane Comerford
Elizabeth Comerford
Agnes Comerford
Catherine Comerford
Kate Comerford
Bridget Comerford
Annie Comerford
Ann Comerford
Emma Comerford
Martha Comerford
Susan Comerford
Alice Comerford
Margaret Comerford
Eliza Comerford
Blanche Comerford
Emily Comerford
Florence Comerford
Adeline Comerford
M.Ellen Comerford
Claria Comerford
Winifred Comerford
Kathleen Comerford
C.Ann Comerford
Susannah Comerford
Joan Comerford
Ruth Comerford
Honorah Comerford
Anne Comerford
Rosana Comerford
Grace Comerford
Amy Comerford
May Comerford
Esther Comerford
Maria Comerford
Mabel Comerford
Constance Comerford
Laura Comerford
Thomas Comerford
Rose Comerford
Hannah Comerford
Noami Comerford
Maude Comerford

Top occupations

General Servant Domestic
Commercial Traveller Glass & China
Stone Mason
Comml Clerk
Hotel Servant
General Serv
General Laborer
General Dealer
Foreman Tailor
Housekeeper (Stet Lodging)
Housekeeper Domestic Serv
Mill Wright
Leather Sticher (Hat Trimmer)
Junior Clerk
Iron Turner Unemployed
Iron Plate Worker
Iron Lab
Iron Bedstead Maker
Farm Servant
F W Knitter
Dyers Machine Hand (Undef)
Button Tool Maker
Brass Finisher
Braid Tenter
Boot Maker
Boot Machinist
Biscuit Factory Laborer
Armourer Sergeant Wife
Armourer Sergeant R L M I
Cart Boy
Chef De Cusine
Dk Labourer
Cotton Winder (Unemployed)
Cotton Weaver
Corn Merchant
Cook Dom Serv
Commercial Clerk To Pianoforte Maker
Commercial Clerk
Chemist Out Of Business