Commander in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Commander
William Commander
Edward Commander
John Commander
Alfred Commander
Charles Commander
Joseph Commander
Thomas Commander
Albert Commander
James Commander
Walter Commander
Frank Commander
Daniel Commander
Henry Commander
Frederick Commander
W.Henry Commander
Robert Commander
Hy. Commander
Wm. Commander
Harry Commander
Fredk. Commander
Tom Commander
S. Commander
Richard Commander
Jabus Commander
Willm. Commander
Will Commander

Top female forenames

Sarah Commander
Mary Commander
Ann Commander
Elizabeth Commander
Eliza Commander
Jane Commander
Harriet Commander
Hannah Commander
Lucy Commander
Phoebe Commander
Emily Commander
Henrietta Commander
Clara Commander
Susanna Commander
Ruth Commander
Florence Commander
Alice Commander
Rosamund Commander
Ethel Commander
(Mrs) Commander
Matilda Commander
Emma Commander
Maria Commander
Elvina Commander
Elizth. Commander
Laura Commander
Edith Commander
Verona Commander
Charlotte Commander
Grace Commander
Amelia Commander
Rose Commander
F.Elizabeth Commander
Ada Commander
Esther Commander
Mabel Commander
Ellen Commander
Lizzie Commander
Elizh. Commander
Jemima Commander

Top occupations

Factory Hand
Domestic Servant
Music String Maker
Provision Packer
Spade Tree Makers Daughter
Labourer At Blast Furnace (Iron)
Spade Tree Maker
River Boatman
Lab In Iron Works
Iron Founder
Spade Tree Makers Son
General Domestic Servt
Labourer In Blast Furnace (Iron)
Manager Of Canal Barge Boat Under Her Father
Registrar Office For Servants
Plaster Master
Nail Cutter
Smith (3 Men 1 Boy)
Milk Deliverer
Master Boot Maker Employing 2 Men & 1 Boy
General Dealer
Garden Tool Maker
Carpet Weaver
Captain Wife
Captain Of A Canal Boat
Candidate For Pupil Teacher
Canal Boatman (Barge) (Owner)
Bricklayer Laborer
Boot Maker
Book Keeper
Coachaman (Dom)
Coal Miner
Formerly Schoolmistress
Forgeman Unemployed
Foreman Carpenter & Builder
Dock Laborer
Copperplate Engraver (...)
Commercial Clerk
Com Clk (Book Publishers)
Colliery Labr.
Colliery Labourer