Conaty in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Conaty
Joseph Conaty
Peter Conaty
Patrick Conaty
James Conaty
Edward Conaty
Thos. Conaty
Septimus Conaty
John Conaty
George Conaty

Top female forenames

Selina Conaty
Marey Conaty
Esther Conaty
Amy Conaty
Margaret Conaty
Isabella Conaty
Ann Conaty

Top occupations

Secretary Clerk
Roman Catholic Priest
Mechanical Engineers Apprentice
Mechanic (S M)
Labourer (Bricklayer)
Coal Trimmer (Lab)
Grocer (Apprentice)
Farmers Wife
Farmer And Land Agent Occupying 115 Acres Employing 1 Labourer And 3 Servants
Dock Laborer
Coastguards Widow
Telegraph Clerk