Condell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Condell
Joseph Condell
James Condell
Maurice Condell
J. Condell
Gordon Condell
Clement Condell
Arthur Condell
Alfd. Condell
William Condell
Thomas Condell
Harry Condell
Frederick Condell
Charles Condell
Alfred Condell
Wm. Condell
W.V. Condell

Top female forenames

Mary Condell
Harriet Condell
Ellen Condell
Edith Condell
Augusta Condell
Eveline Condell
Eliza Condell
Sylvia Condell
Maud Condell
Ada Condell
Marion Condell
Isabella Condell
Florence Condell
Ethel Condell
Elizth. Condell
Eleanor Condell
Una Condell
Caroline Condell
May Condell
Ann Condell
Julia Condell

Top occupations

Commercial Clerk
General Servant (Domest)
Hosiery Warehouseman
Professor Of Music
Railway Clerk
Solicitors Clerk
General Servant
General Clerk
Annuitant & Dividends
Clerk On The Railway
Clerks Wife
Commercial Traveller (Draper)
Dock Lab
Engine Fitter
Formerly Cook
Gas Rental Clerk
Gen Lab
Solrs General Clerk